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Superior quality

Superior quality

Mattress and sofa specialist, Sleepcraft has a wide variety of products so comfortable that you won't want to leave your bed or seat.
EXPECT to be greeted by warm and friendly staff in a welcoming and relaxing ambience the moment you step into Sleepcraff's newly-opened showroom.
A mattress and sofa specialist, Sleepcraft has more than 15 different types of mattress models and a wide variety of sofas that are so comfortable that you wouldn't want to leave your seat.
All mattresses are made using Lady Americana, a leading US brand renowned for providing amazing comfort and quality sleep. Each model is specially designed to fulfil different customers' needs.
PocketAir, for example, features a fivezone original pocket spring and individually-wrapped coils, allowing flexible movemont. It also has a comfortablecushion that can be moulded according to a person's body shape. This mattress is made for people to experience minimal disturbance, especially if one tends to toss and turn frequently.

Dream Field mattresses are made to gradually give off an enchanting aloe vora scent on contact to provide a soothing effect for a good night's sleep.

All Sleepcraft mattresses come with a 15-year warranty.
For comfy sofas in your living room, Sleepcraff presents an array of sofas of superior value and

The Luxus Modular model is a popular choice among customers because it allows a person to be creative in moving the sofa pieces around according to the design that they prefer.
From fabric to leather sofas, floral to plain designs, the choices are abundant at the showroom. Sleepcraft offers a five-
year warranty for all its sofas,

Visit Sleepcraft today'at No. 16 & 18,Jalan PJU 5/10, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, any day from 1lam to 9pro. Alternatively, call them at 03-6141 6898 or e-mail [email protected] for mere information..

All wooden floorings from Floor Depot are designed to give homeowners a perfect combination of beautiful styling

Perfect floors

All wooden floorings from Floor Depot are designed to give homeowners a perfect combination of beautiful styling, varied textures and vibrant colours.

HOME improvement as a trend is fast catching on in our country. Promising a traditional yet natural appeal, wood flooring is an all-time favourite, when it comes to renovation or home improvement.Understandably, wood is a floor furnishing material that is soft to the touch, elegant in appeal and comfortable to our feet.

Different kinds of living areas demand different types of flooring and therefore all wooden floorings from FLOOR DEPOT are designed with the aim of meeting the same fundamental requirements. They are:

* The perfect combination of beautiful styling, textures and colors that meet every individual expectation.

* Made from the best European technologies and topnotch raw materials from Asia-a stable structure that can with-stand extreme/local weather condition.

Through the wide range of wood flooring range, FLOOR DEPOT can meet all requirements, from simpler options to floors with unique qualities in terms of appearance and highly advanced technology.

Along with the choices of wood flooring, FLOOR DEPOT offers a comprehensive range of acceasories with a 100% perfect match
color Walline skirting and Florcannet profile to address the specific needs of every home.

Moreover, there are choices of underlay, example, the MiteGuard where floorboards are covered against termite.

FLOOR DEPOT understands the difficulties you face when measuring your floor.

That's why a well-trained personnel helps you measure your floor for free without any obligation to purchase. There's also their experienced installation team who can help you with a small fee.

Buyers are provided the option of buying Water Damage Insurance for their investment on FLOOR DEPOT wood flooring.This wood floor protection plan is covered by a Licensed General Insurance company against domestic bursting pipes, floods and windstorms at a small premium fee.

For those looking for a wood flooring solution provider, FLOOR DEPOT is the best place for you to view various types of
wood floorings - Solid Hardwood Flooring, Engineered Hardwood Flooring and Laminate Flooring. Visit FLOOR DEPOT outlets to
find out more on their latest wood floorings collection.

For more information, please contact FLOOR DEPOT toll free at 1-800-88-7585 or visit www.floordepot.com.my.

THE important issues when looking for a good solar water heater are cost, capacity, and maximum temperatures.

Top solar heaters

THE important issues when looking for a good solar water heater are cost, capacity, and maximum temperatures.Most thermosyphon solar heater heaters exhibit a maximum tem- perature of 65 to 75C on sunny days, with a cost efficiency of
RM0.60 to RM0.32 per, daily kilocalorie.

Microsolar Coaxial Multivalve Heaters deliver the highest temperatures, with maximum temperatures of 95C to 100C on sunny
days. This gives RM0.25 per daily kilocalorie. The high performance means that the Microsolar can operate totally without electricity backup, or with minimum electric backup if one is required at all.

The Microsolar Coaxial Multivalve M60V'rHE 264 litres is capable of reaching maximum temperatures of 100C from 10C within six hours of full sunshine (tested without any electricity being allowed), This rate of temperature rise and maximum temperature is unmatched by any other thermosyphon solar water heater in the world.

The Microsolar now comes with a pressurized indirect heating copper twin coil heat exchanger for long term lifespan and sediment resistant low maintenance, using the latest robotic tungsten argon gas welding stainless steel 304 hot water storage tanks, mirror finish 304 stainless steel concentrating parabolic reflectors, 60mm high pressure injected polyurethane foam insulation, 30 nos high temperature borosilicate evacuated glass vacuum tubes 58mm x 1800ram.

Microsolar has 30 solar heating tubes in the collector panel but crucially gives 60 valves (30 inlet valves and 30 outlet valves) between the collector and the tank for unrestricted free flowing heat collection.

For more information, call Microsslar at 03-5637 3735 / 03-5633 4398 / 013-3625 965 / 012-3325 965 or email [email protected] or visit www.microsolarsystem.com.

KOHLER's WaterTile design makes it easy to install the bodyspray in various ways

Showers of joy

KOHLER's WaterTile design makes it easy to install the bodyspray in various ways.

KOHLER WaterTile bodyspray offers a new and exciting aesthetic option in custom showering. This sexy avant-garde product also has a clean look.

WaterTile's innovative design, which is aligned against the wall, makes it possible to install the WaterTile bodyspray in a number of ways: on the wall, ceiling or at an angle at the intersection of the wall and ceiling, The WaterTile offering also includes a wall-mounted showerhead alternative, using the same technology and design. Both models -- the WaterTile bodyspray and showerhead -- are available in two different spray intensities: a 54-nozzle spray that offers soothing water coverage and a 22-nozzle spray with a stimulating spray pattern.

The all-brass Water'nle spray consists of a five-by-five-inch (12.7cm) escutcheon and a three-by-three-inch (7.6cm)
MasterClean sprayface for ease of cleaning.

WaterTile products are available at the Kohler showroom by Bath Deco at 62, Jalan Kemajuan,
Section 13, Petaling Jaya. It is open Mondays through Fridays from 10am to 7pro and on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 5pm.

* Contact Bath Deco at 03-7960 3388 for more information on all other Kohler products, or visit www.kohler.com today!

As a TV host-journalist-emcee, fashion is an integral part of Xandria eel's life.

Maxima style

As a TV host-journalist-emcee, fashion is an integral part of Xandria eel's life. Naturally, for someone who owns heaps of
clothes, shoes and accessories, a wardrobe is needed to match.

So when Ooi was doing extensive research in preparation for an interview with Maxima's founder SN Tai for a television program, she discovered that a Maxima wardrobe was exactly what she needed at her new home in 6ukit Jelutong, Shah Alam.

Stepping into eel's Maxima X-1000 series walk-in wardrobe is certainly a sight. With a space as big as an average-sized bedroom. all of eel's elothin8 items are compartmentalised in carefully thousht-out spaces.

One will not miss the striking display of shoes on one dedicated side of the wall, where Ooi says she can see each and every pair of shoes, instead of storing them in shoe boxes.

"This is where I can express my style and showcase my creativity in fashion," explains Ooi. "i try not to cramp everything in, as I want to create a boutiquefeel when I look at my clothes," she adds, referring to rows of tops, jackets and dresses in the wardrobe.

The self-confessed fashionista has also specifically asked for a jewellery island. "rm a huge jewellery fan. I collect a lot of jewellery and I wanted a oface where I can display and see them every day." However. the island unit in the X-1000 series does not come equipped with pull-out jewellery compartments, To fulfil eel's request, Maxima integrated the X-2000 series pull-out unit over a see-through glass top, creating a perfect dis- play area for eel's extensive collection of necklaces, bangles and earrings.

"I like that the doors are equipped with anti-jump system, which prevents them from sliding off the rails when I open or
close them," Ooi concludes.

To get a Maxima wardrobe for your home, visit Maxima's Showrooms at the following locations:

Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (Tel:603-7727 9116; Ampang (Tel:603-4252 5506); Subang Jaya Tel: 603-5636 6191); Puchong Tel: 603-8060 8272); Klang Tel: 03-3324 8116); Ipoh (Tel:605-545 3113). Website:www.maxima-wardrobe.com

Fantastic offers

Fantastic offers

Here's some good news: the Modern Home & Property Fair is back again, from April 18 till 20 at the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (MVEC) in Kuala Lumpur.

Also known as one of the biggest combined home and property fair at Mid Valley, the event is expected to thrill shoppers and bargain hunters and draw in huge crowds, just like it did during the previous three shows last year.

This time around, it will be bigger and better; according to organiser BW Cyans Advertising Sdn Bhd.

Visitors may expect fantastic offers and fabulous bargains from exhibitors and sellers at the Modern Home & Property Fair 08 this month.

BW Dyans managing director Charles Yong is extremely excited about the upcoming event. "Shoppers and visitors can look forward to great sales and good buys exclusively offered during the three-day fair," said Yong.

The organiser encourages the exhibitors to come up with "value-for-money" and "irresistible" packages so shoppers will not be disappointed.

An attraction is the specially imported designer table-lamp in 23 designs offered from RM188 onwards to early shoppers who charge RMI00 and above in a single receiptf The item is sold on a first-come-first served basis.

Modern Home & Property Fair 08 is a combined event ofModern Home and Modern Property, featuring home decor and furnishing products, while showcasing beautiful residential properties.

It occupies the entire exhibition floor space of MVEC. at the top floor of Mid Valley Megamall. The Modern Home section will fill up the Atrium, Halls 2 and 3, whereas Hall I will house the Modern Property section. Together, they feature over 300 booths of exciting products and property projects.

Those who wish to decorate or renovate their home may choose from a great range of new and quality products in various
categories such as Home Furnishings & Fittings; Kitchen & Bathroom; Floor, Door & Window; Home Entertainment; Lifestyle; Home Decorative; Home Renovation & Refurbishment; Garden & Outdoor and Related Home Essentials.

The Modern Property section, on the other hand, features various prestigious residential and commercial development projects around Kuala Lumpur, the Klang Valley and other states by established and reputable developers.

Investors and interested buyers looking for land, bungalows, semi-detached, condominiums, apartments, commercial projects will find choice properties at good prices during the show.

Yong says, "Recent global price comparisons indicate that Malaysian properties are amongst the cheapest internationally and real estate experts hint that now is still a good time to buy.

With the abolition of the Real Property Gain Tax by the Government as an incentive and the expected rise in property prices following hike in construction material costs, now is the right time to buy," Yong, a property investor himself, continues, "After all. properties are the safest investment".

The organiser extends their warm welcome to all shoppers and visitors to the upcoming Modern Home & Property Fair 08, especially those who missed the previous shows.

It is a huge and exciting event that promises something for everyone. whether you are shopping for home improvement products or looking for your dream home or a property to invest in.

Experiencing the empty nest syndrome

Experiencing the empty nest syndrome

Businessman Bob ziegler, 56, and his wife Saminah Subari are about to experience the "empty-nest" syndrome as their tour grown-up children are in various stages of spreading their wings.

Already the couple's three-storey detached house iu Ukay Heights feels quite "empty". One of their children had already moved out while two are working outstation leaving only one child staying in the big house with them.

The property spans 810sq m (9,000 sq ft) with a garden that occupies 315sq m (3,500 sq ft). Built-up space is 675sq m (7,500 sq ft).

Bob and Saminah represent an increasing number of owners of large bungalows and detached houses in choice residential areas, who want to sell their properties to move to smaller and more manageable homes.

The couple bought their Ukay Heights house in 1992. Back then the children were young and the couple loved the spacious
property for the kids to run around.

The Mediterranean style house was perfect for the family of six plus a maid in tow but now the house is just too big.

Bob, who is originally from Kentucky in the United States, came to Malaysia in the 1970s as a Peace Corps volunteer. He decided to settle in Malaysia and started a home accessories business. He exported curtain rods and other wood products to the U.S, and Europe.

As his family grew, Bob and his wife scouted for a new home in Ampang. They decided that Ukay Heights was the perfect place.

Explains Bob: "The house is nestled among the hills of Ukay Heights. The convenient location offers a good balance in having a serene atmosphere with easy access to the city and amenities.

"The property is a corner lot as well. With access roads in the neighbourhood not heavy with traffic, there is quiet relief in the cul-desac community."

The three-storey house faces north. The ground floor (middle level) comprises a large reception hall, an atrium, main dining-room, balcony dining niche and main kitchen.

The covered porch can accommodate two cars and there's ample space for three more cars on the driveway.

The open-style design of the ground floor allows for good air-flow and views of the gardens. Even in the hot afternoon, the living areas remain cool.

A staircase in the kitchen leads to the lower level, which comprises the pool, a bedroom and separate quarters for the maid or house-keeper. The laundry room, wet kitchen and work area are also located here.

Access to the gardens is possible from both the lower level and the ground level.

The gardens (front lawn. side terrace and backyard) are well kept with many bonsai and tropical plants. There is also a Jackfruit tree that fruits throughout the year. One section of the backyard can be closed off for pets.

There are five bedrooms, four bathrooms and a multi-purpose room that can be used either as a guest room, store or gymnasium. There is also a housekeeper's room for two maids. The maid's quarters come complete with its own passageway, bathroom, laundr~ area and wet kitchen.

The master bedroom on the top floor has budt-in cabinets, en-suite bathroom and a Juliette balcony that overlooks the main gate.

The lounge on the top floor is where the family gathers in the evenings. When opened, the two double-doors allow in plenty of light and airflow as well as views of the picturesque neighbourhood.

Connected to the upstairs family lounge are two other bedrooms, perfect for parents who want to have their young children sleeping close by their own room, There is also a decent-sized study for the man or lady of the house to do paperwork or turn it into a private space, And the entire top floor can be secured by locking up the passage door.

According to Bob, when it comes to festivals and parties, the formal dining area on the ground floor, balcony as well as the patio next to the pool, allow for big get-togethers.

"Even the balcony dining area can be utilised to allow for 20 or more people to enjoy a meal together.

"By opening up the entire ground floor, one can accommodate up to 40 guests. For large functions, the two main levels can comfort-ably accommodate double that number ofguests."

For Bob and his wife, the Mediterranean features of the house such as arches, marble flooring and intricate ironwork (which is actually a security device) are not only deedrative in design but are functional as well.

"This style is common in the hot climes of Mediterranean areas, such as Spain, for example. This house design has been proven over the centuries to be functional. The heavy stone or marble construction creates a large heat-sink which provides the home with a natural coolness that one cannot easily obtain by artificial means.

"The high ceilings further enhance the openness of the design which is apparent with the arches, The house has a great deal of character and was designed for a warm family living environment, It is spacious, quiet, and cool which provides for a calm and relaxing atmosphere," adds Bob.

The asking price for the house is RM3 million.

"The house has been our family's dream home to raise our four children. Now that they are all grown, nothing would please us more than to see our home pass to another family and maybe help make their dreams come true too."

Cleaner Home, Healthier Living

Cleaner Home, Healthier Living

DO you know that the air circulating inside your home may be dirtierlhan outside? This is mainly due to dust mites and allergens that can also cause mild to severe allergies especially in young children.

Most homes have vacuum cleaners.However, the normal vacuum cleaner may not clear efficiently enough. A normal vacuum cleaner uses dust bags to trap dirt, and over time, it becomes an ideal breeding ground for dust mites, bacteria, fungus and other harmful particles.

Without proper filtration at the exhaust, a normal vacuum cleaner blows harmful particles back into the room, hence dirtying the air that you and the children breathe in. Karcher from Germany has developed a Water-Filter Vacuum Cleaner (pic) to do the perfect cleaning job. The Karcher Water-Filter Vacuum Cleaner uses water to trap dust and dirt.

Dust and dirt is dissolved in water, so there isn't any need for a dust bag and the suction remains consistently powerful.in addition, the Karcher system includes a HEPA filter which traps 99.9% of all particles over 0.3 microns, so that means the dust mites; bacteria and most of the other harmful particles can be removed.

With the combination of the water filter and an additional HEPA filter, Karoher has achieved a new standard in vacuuming. HEPA filters are normally used in electronic clean rooms and surgical the- atres. This additional HEPA class filter provides the final barrier to trap harmful particles, so that the air that comes out of the Kircher vacuum cleaner is much cleaner than the normal air you breathe.

Karcher offers you a product with precision German engineering and assurance of quality to guarantee operational reliability with very low maintenance cost.

This machine makes cleaning a breeze and helps provide a cleaner home and a healthier lifestyle for you and your family. Take good care of your loved ones and give them the best there is. You will be amazed with the cleaning results.

*For more information and a personalised home demonstration, call AOG Marketing (M).Sdn Bhd at 03-7603 7757 or 016-335 2628.

Wooded flooring is an all-time favourite, when it comes to renovation or home improvement

Your feet will love it

Wooded flooring is an all-time favourite, when it comes to renovation or home improvement,
Understandably, wood is a floor furnishing material that is soft to the touch, elegant in appeal and provides warmth under our feet.

Different kinds of living areas demand different types of flooring. All wooden floorings from Floor Depot are designed with an aim to meet the same fundamental requirements, namely, to provide a product that fits seamlessly on different styles,
textures and colours, while withstanding extreme weather conditions.

Coupled with various wooded flooring options, Floor Depot offers a comprehensive range of accessories with 100% prefect match colour to your flooring like the WaUine skirting and the Florconnet profile to address specific needs of every home. Moreover, there are also choices of underlay like the MiteGuard, to protect floorboard against termite invasion.

Understanding that it may be difficult to measure your abede's space, Floor Depot has well-trained personnel to get your floor dimensions (without obligation), installation is charged at only small fee.

Top that off with Water Damage Insurance for your investment to insure against domestic bursting pipes, flood and windstorm at just a small premium fee!

* For more information, please contact Floor Depot toll free at 1-800-88-7585 or visit www.floordepot.com.my.

In our home, they are an indispensable part of our sliding door, living hall, staircase or bedroom windows, even in bathrooms.

Glass up your home

Glass seems to be almost everywhere. In our home, they are an indispensable part of our sliding door, living hall, staircase or bedroom windows, even in bathrooms. In architecture, glass
constitutes to a building's fat;ado, creating an exceptional contrast of linearity and smoothness.

Wherever they are, glass is a vehicle, which architects and interior designers employ to move, bend and capture light.

Today's sophisticated homeowners performing renovation works to their abodes are after a distinctive look. Doesn't everyone want "something the guy next door doesn't have" at the main entrance or the living hall? Elaborate shapes, beveling,overlays, sand blasted patterns, grooves incised on the glass, laminating and experimenting with fabric and textures all fit the tune.

There are several key options you should consider when you use glass in your home. First the aesthetic factor, which encompasses the interior setting or the mood to which you wish to impart in that given space.

Colours and design themes can be incorporated to the glass to help enhance the space you interact with.

Next, the glass itself is with-out boundary, yet breathes space in between, Treating a piece of glass to increase privacy and safety level are equally important as to the aesthetic value of it. At 6GO's designer glass studio, these two important factors work side by side.

"We cannot have a beautiful piece of art glass that creates a focal point in your home, yet does not possess inherent safety features. This is dangerous," says Gary Lim, the owner of SGO Designer Glass. Breathtaking art glasses should capture the imagination of the viewer and eliminate the concern of the danger of glass itself.

* To take glass to the next level in your precious home, please call SGO Designer Glass at 03-6157 2127.

WROUGHT iron often connotes images of rigidity, sturdiness and solidity

Wrought iron styles

WROUGHT iron often connotes images of rigidity, sturdiness and solidity. But rarely is it looked upon as a thing of beauty.

The fact is, wrought iron home furnishings, whether inside or outside the home can be one of the most solid and fashionable enhancements you could ever make to your home,

All it takes is just one visit to the Delux showroom in Bukit Tinggi, Klang and you will be a 'convert' to the newest art form in town - wrought iron decor for the home.

Gone are the old descriptions of boring or bland. Today wrought iron dbcor is known as avant garde, noveau art floral, romantic, French and many more.
From gates to doors, elegantly crafted banisters to windows railings and a whole selection of house items, you will find that these metallic creations exude a touch of class and elegance that is contemporary and very chic.

Fancy decorating your home with an angels and floral theme?

This is possible with Delux's latest creations. Imagine of angels and flowers adorning your home. Vines and birds as well as other floral and natural themes are among the wrought iron works of today.

Now, colour the typical images of plain black, grey and other monochrome colours with sunburst yellow and orange, ravishing red and vibrant greens.

Do not forget the always in vogue pastel hues of sky blue, pink and much more, Now just imagine these earthly delights in your home, making it quite the visually pleasing paradise,

If you can have your front gate looking both majestic and sturdy, wouldn't you? Or why should window railings be plain? Why not let them exude a creative touch with weaving jungle and leafy innuendoes?

The best part about Delux's wrought iron creations is that you can always explore your inspirations to their fullest.

Delux's friendly in-house design consultants would be happy to assist you to create the look you've always wanted at affordable budgets too.

The immaculate design works on display at Delux Bukit Tinggi is a presentation of where pedigree meets practicality. Where form meets functionality, style meets substance and the delightful results are works of art that truly enhance the home.

You can bask in the glory of a proud. looking home or if you prefer, enjoy the inner satisfaction discreetly. What is a
home if it doesn't command the image of respect and pedigree?

According to Feng Shui, wrought iron is considered to be good for your home and family.

Feng Shui regards iron as a metal element that attracts and circulates chi (positive energy) and creativity within the home. This may be one reason the rich and famous have majestic wrought iron gates and intricately carved grilles throughout their homes.

Of course, there is the protection factor too.

With security a foremost concern for you and many others, you won't go wrong with wrought iron. For instance, Delux's Decorative Security frame for windows combines anti-sawing and anti-drilling features'to make your windows much more secure, it comes with ;12-month workmanship warranty for added peace of mind.

Before you decide anything, check ou the treasures awaiting you. Come on down to Delux Bukit Tinggi or any of its showrooms in the Klang Valley. You will see why Delux's products are the top choice among thousands of Malaysian homes, especially their wrought iron selections.

What's in a stone - stone comes with a label

What's in a stone

If natural stone comes with a label, it would read: "I am a natural material. I am an individual unlike any other. Colour
and texture variations are inherent and make me beautiful. Imperfections are not defects but part of my charm.

Take good care of me and I will reward you with a lifetime of beauty."
According to Sim Yen Penn of Marble Emporium (M) Sdn Bbd, homeowners who re-building or re-modeling their homes would most likely have come across doubts on authenticity of the products and its use.

Truth is. much of what you have heard is presumably a combination of truth and fiction.
Below are some simple and concise explanations on the different types of stones available in the market.

What is marble?
Marble occurs naturally as the result of extreme heat and pressure applied to limestone.

The distinctive crystalline structure of marble allows it to be polished to high gloss giving an illusion of depth.

This is the more traditional and commonly recognised form of marble and creates an opulent mirror-like finish to be used, for example in a premium bathroom or large hallway. Marble is also available in matt finish.

What is granite?
Granite is a tremendously strong, versatile and durable natural stone; so many of the structures in which granite has
been used over the centuries are still standing.

Granite is an igneous rock formed in a very dense manner with no pores due to extreme pressure within the Earth.

The slow cooling caused the main minerals of granite to grow to easily visible sizes resulting in a multitude of often-unexpected colours that can be used to create that special driveway or beautiful and functional kitchen counter top.

What is limestone?
Limestone is a soft marble formed over millions of years from seashells and bones of sea creatures settling on the ocean
bed; hence it is called a sedimentary stone.

Calcium in the bones and shells combines with carbon dioxide in the water to form calcium carbonate, a basic mineral
structure of all limestone and marble. The result is a smooth chalky natural stone that often come with deep-set fossils creating fantastic visual effect.

The feeling of calmness and serenity can be conveyed to a room using this material.

What is Travertine?
Beautiful travertine falls somewhere between limestone and marble, separated by approximately 20 million years of rock formation, where dissolved limestone has been allowed to mix with steam under enormous pressure.

Travertine also began as limestone, which over time, duo to its porous nature, absorbed water. Heated by the Earth's
inner core, water rose as steam and hot pressurised water to hot mud baths.

The rising hot water, dissolves the limestone and brings with it granules from below, forming mud beds on the surface.

Over time, the mud beds cool and they crystallise into solid stone called travertine.

This material!easily evokes a feeling of antiquity within any room in your abode.

Hopefully these explanations would give homeowners a better understanding of natural stones and help them in their selection process.

Marble Emporium's showroom is open from Monday to Friday, l0am to 7pro and on Saturday, 1lam to 6pm. They are also open
on Sundays and public holidays by appointments.

Please contact Sire Yen Penn at 012-219 3229.


1. The history of gemstones

2. Religious and cultural connections

3. Magic properties and mystical powers

4. Chakras

5. Healing qualities

6. Stones of the zodiac

7. Birthstones

8. Stones of countries

9. Wedding anniversaries

10. The Significance of Gemstones in Dreams

11. THE GEMSTONES their stories, origins,

CHESTERS Collection is convinced that rooms and interior design have a decisive influence on people's motivation

Comfy and safe

CHESTERS Collection is convinced that rooms and interior design have a decisive influence on people's motivation,performance and health, It has become the company's mission to continuously upgrade themselves to source for the best furniture furnishing systems that stimulate, inspire and motivate, while offering the body comfort, safety and support.

In order to attain this goal, Chesters Collection works with a renowned German-made sofa company called W.Schillig and
aspecialized sales team, Chesters Collection experiments with new ideas and continuously tackles the new challenges of the world of comfort.

The company believes their most important contribution is the fact that they insist on presenting durable products of the highest quality with a timeless design. This means products that can give their owners years of service.

Ergonomics is an applied science that studies the relationship between human beings and machines. You will find the furniture at Chesters Collection responds to the ergonomic requirements of the body and as a consequence, has a positive
effect on health and well-being. The first step in quality is getting the right product from a reliable manufacturer. The focus on quality does not end at the product itself but extends to providing clients with premier service, which is just as important.

Design is the process by which almost all objects in our surroundings are instilled with a specific design and function - from cars to clips, clothing to chairs.

And design does not just mean giving things a shape. Design creates the basis, which enables things to function in the desired manner. It is a process in which complementary but often mutually contradictory requirements have to be met (comfort, technology, ergonomics, aesthetics, etc). Design can be successful only when a balance of all these factors is attained.

You will find the exclusive brand W. Schillig, fully made in Germany, at the exclusive Chesters Collection's showroom.

Come visit Chesters Collection at B-0-8 Megan Avenue I, No. 189 Jalan Tun Razak, KL. Feel free to call 03-2166 8330 for an appointment.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

TELLINI'S Hot Auto Clean system (HAC system), introduces a simplified way on maintaining your cooker hood

No more grease
TELLINI'S Hot Auto Clean system (HAC system), introduces a simplified way on maintaining your cooker hood.

The HSH-2me Slimline hood with the HAC system was Tellini's answer to removing hardened grease in the cooker hood. It was
an instant best-seller.

Today, with the new HCA-2me chimney hood, Tellini is offering customers more choices in cooker hood designs integrated with the new cleanh system. Newly launched stylislh designer hoods are also available at their stores.

Come view Tellini produets at Jusco Home Centre @ 1 Utama and Taman Equine, as well the dusco electriea department @ MidValley Sunway Pyramid. Tellini is having a package promotion for hoods and hob customers are entitled lower price for a purchase with purchase (PWP)
of Tallini's oven model Oc-5cs, OE-8cs and etc at affordable prices. For complimentary promotional flyer, to locate a dealer nearest to you, call 03-7880 6529 or visit www.tellini.com.my and click on the promotions

are you currently looking for a set of kids' furniture, one that offers better safety features

Kids' furniture

PARENTS, are you currently looking for a set of kids' furniture, one that offers better safety features, better quality and is environmentally friendly?.

Originating from Japan, Archi Kids proudly presents a new selection of kids' furniture, which perfectly combines structural safety, stylish design and eco-friendly materials.

Archi Kids offers the flexible option of furniture configuration, that suit the personalities of your kids. A complete set of oar furniture is composed by different modules, i.e. bed, study table, chest of drawer, shelf, rack and etc. Most of these parts are portable, so that it can be arranged according to your preferred setting. For limited interi- or space in the room of a condominium, the compact design of their children's system bed can save space besides providing the multiple functions such as sleeping, studying and storage.

These furniture also gives special small, but useful "extras". For example, hooks are provided at the side of the desk, to place your children's school bags or clothes.

The base structural material (especially joints and vertical structure) is made of solid wood, such as imported White Oak, Beech and Birch. To take care of the safety of your child, the architecture is carefully designed and applies rounded edges.

Archi Kids furniture is ace-friendly, whereby the level of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds, especially formaldehyde) used is kept at the lowest possible 1eve|. Our desks are made of solid wood, which emits almost zero formaldehyde.

Visit their showroom at Subang 2 (near Kota Damansara or Subang Old Airport), open daily from 10 am to 6 pm. For queries, call 03-78464329 (Office), 0123336697(Mr. Wong), 0122121109 (Mr.Anderson) or 0163757909 (Mr.Brian). For location map, please
visit to www.archikids.com.my, or call for a fax copy.

I.T. STONE imports and distributes a wide range of natural stone products ranging

The beauty of natural stone

I.T. STONE imports and distributes a wide range of natural stone products ranging from marble and granite to pebbles and river stone, slate, sandstone, jurastone, tumble stone, stepping stone, marble mosaic, natural stacked stone, quartz and composite marble.

Marble and granite can add elegance to your living and dining room, bathroom and balcony;

These stones can also be customised with special edging and profile to make it into vanity and basin tops, staircases, tabletops and kitchen worktops due to their durability.

I.T. Stone's imported natural stacked and andesite stones with various types of colours, split and natural surfaces as well as flamed, chiselled, finished design surfaces suit feature walls, columns and water-feature walls.

Natural imported pebbles, which come in various colours and sizes, can be used on a pathway as well as car porch,

I.T.Stone also has a wide range of stone care products; one of it is a stone binder that helps the stones "resist harsh weathers and UV rays.

For more information, visit I.T. Stone at Lot 3, Batu 4, Jalan Klang Lama, KL, or call 03-7980 4011 / 4019 or03-7987 0395.

Alternatively, e-mail [email protected]

A luxury home that has five unique areas, consist of imported fabrics

A'modern classic' home

A luxury home that has five unique areas, consist of imported fabrics, an elegant lounge chair, a crystal light, an exquisite oil painting and several display items.

Different types of materials are combined to create the look of a dream home, such as spray paint built-in furniture, wallpaper, mirror, sandstone and other materials to enrich the "modern classic" concept.

With a team of experienced designers, Beverly Home is always ready to answer all your questions on home furnishing through comprehensive fact-finding and data gathering based on your Reeds,

Whether it's formulating a theme or drafting a home design, the designer will provide you with a complete visual based on your requirements.

For more information, call Beverly Home at 03-7782 7128 or 03-62013059 or visit website www.beverly-home.com.

AMFLOOR has been synonymous with the pioneering

Quality wood floors
Equal to none in quality, reliability, affordability and aesthetics-every homeowner's preferred choice.

AMFLOOR has been synonymous with the pioneering and market development of laminate wood flooring in Malaysia over the past decade.

Formerly known as Ambient Floor Centre Sdn. Bhd, Amfloor has been located in MidValley Megamall for six years, and has expanded its flooring business by acquiring and relocating to Amfloor's own bungalow in Section 16, PJ.

Apart from making significant strides in uplifting the brand of Inovar, Amfloor takes pride now in establishing its very
own brand of wood floor - Amfloor.

Why Amfloor?
With vast pioneering experience and anticipation of continued market invaluable feedbacks for the very best and value-for-money worthiness, Amfloor once again marches to the fore. Amfloor closely perceives the mind of every discerning customer's need for highly personalised natural wood grain designs of innumerable choices for the dream floor that characterizes individuality.

Amfloor also uses among the most durable and highly water-resistant tropical HDF coreboard under AC4 grade quality - a unique product technical feature - that is second to none. When you next inquire about laminate wood flooring, insist on AC4 Tropical HDF quality!

Waxguard in entirety is another plus point provided almost exclusively by Amfloor.

Amfloor offers o warranty up to 25 years, which is a lengthy period.

Pricewise, Amfloor assures you that you are getting market rate, complemented by its ability to offer you all the other
added advantages.

Come visit Amfloor for a more convincing presentation. The company would simply love the opportunity to share the passion for wood flooring with you.

*For enquiries or to make an appointment, call 03-7956 1678 or check out www.amfloor.com.my,

The FUJIHOME Family Carnival is back

Fujihome Carnival
The FUJIHOME Family Carnival is back! To be held on April 12th and 13th at its newest outlet located at 102, Jalan $621/35, Damansara Utama, the carnival is open to the public from l0am to 7pro with FREE admission.

The carnival this year is focusing on home appliances and kitchen cabinet. Organised by Advantage Resources Sdn Bhd(ARSB), the sole distributor of renowned brands - Fujihome, Fujioh, Fujiton, Flaminia, Anna Rozie and Mobalpa, visitors may expect to
marvel at a wide range of buitt-in ovens, hobs, decorative hoods, freezers, wine cellars to induction hobs, plus the steaming wonder steam ovens.

Not forgetting those who took for sophisticated kitchen cabinets, ARSB has just launched a new fully imported brand from France called Mobalpa, also wonderfully displayed in the outlet.

Same like the previous year, visitors are given noodle bags as they enter the carnival. Live product demo with food sampling will be carried out from time to time.

The "TIKAM" Board lucky draw will be one of the highlights of the carnival where attractive grand prizes including a Steam Oven, Induction Hob, etc will be given out during the two-day event.

Customers may enjoy 0% instalment plan is available (with partner banks). An event not to be missed, there will be lots of sales, special packages, offers and upgrading programmes for visitors to take advantage of.

* For more information, kindly contact 03-7722 2799 (Damansara Utama) or 03-91327990 (head office).

Cellini Design was inspired by Benvenuto Cellini, the renowned Italian sculptor

Cellini style

ESTABLISHED in 1986, Cellini Design was inspired by Benvenuto Cellini, the renowned Italian sculptor and goldsmith, and the brainchild of Tan Cheng Wharf, a German trained metallurgist.

Paying tribute to a time honoured tradition, as well as to indulge in a passion for meticulous craftsmanship unique to Italian-styled furniture, Cellini Design Centre is recognised as one of the leading furniture manufacturers throughout the region with emphasis on sleek, clean designs and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.

Today, Cellini Design has an extensive network throughout the region, with three production plants in Asia. There are also 30 retail outlets operating directly under the "Cellini" brand and nine Cellini franchise outlets throughout South East Asia.

Behind every piece of Cellini product is extensive planning and creativity that started their production plants in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

Each piece is carefully studied and researched before actual production, to ensure it showcases Cellini's trademark combination of aesthetics and functionality coupled with quality to meet discerning customers' requirements and technical capabilities.

Cellini has an obvious edge over other furniture stores when it comes to meeting customer-specific needs and requirements. The company is one of few in the region to integrate several different facilities under one roof; be it metal, solid wood or veneer fabrication, panelling, sewing, upholstery or spraying.

Cellini operates its own in-house melting and casting facilities for aluminium and brass, a zinc phosphate pre-treatment line for metal, an electro-static powder coating line and complete sofa-making facilities for both fabric and leather upholstered sofas; with aluminium alloy sand casting as its forte. A touch of old-world passion and craftsmanship combined with modern technology and design work unanimously to create masterpieces.

Cellini's product range is an eclectic mix of furnishings from the ever-popular modern classic masterpieces to the latest cutting edge Italian designs that are destined to be tomorrow's classics. The quality of craftsmanship and the distinctiveness in design can be seen in the details of every Cellini product. Each piece is a work of art sculpted from wood and metal, and every manufacturing aspect carefully exercises quality control: joints are engineered to fit snugly and securely, curves are fluid and forms well-executed.

Cellini's dedication to quality and design is reflected in the numerous industry accolades and official recognition it has gained since it's inception, very recently receiving the IS09001-2000 certification for its continuing commitment to quality

The company also places great emphasis on customer satisfaction, and their care and attention to details applies throughout the entire customer buying experience,

Come visit your nearest Cellini showroom today to view their new 2008 collections and enjoy discounts up to 55% store wide (plus get attractive free gifts for all packaged purchases). Also, be sure not to miss out on the newly launched Alien Miki beddings that will be offered at an introductory offer of a 20% discount!

*For further enquiries, email them at [email protected] or log on to their website at www.cellini.com.sg to find out more details, Alternatively, you can also visit any of their

showrooms at: Mid Valley Megamall, Units
S077 - 079, 2nd Floor (03-22836505), The Curve, Lot 212, 2nd Floor (03-7725 4776), Subang Parade, 1st Floor, Lot F[2, 14 & 15 (03-5631 9361), Penang Franchise I, 29, Tmn Mawar, Jalan Raja Uda (04-333 4946) or Penang Franchise 2, 10-B, Jln Masjid Negeri, 11600 Penang (04-829 2308).

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

the advent of timber technology, what used to be just solid floor

A New Era

WITH the advent of timber technology, what used to be just solid floor that needed to be installed, grinded and lacquered hasevolved to simple installation.

And it can be engineered, laminated, pre-finished in different styles.

Engineered timber flooring is widely accepted as the most stable type of wood flooring in environments where moisture is a
concern,An inherent characteristic of timber is the absorption and drying of moisture, which causes structural expansion and

As an internal floor covering, this will mean gapping, warping, cupping or buckling risks for solid wood floors.

Engineered timber flooring addresses these inherent weaknesses by massaging the structure to reduce theserisks considerably.

By virtue of its stable structure, traditional rules in owning wood flooring have been rewritten.

No more lengthy installation times, messy grindmg, subsequent repairs or worries that it might warp one day, This stability allows the product coating to be applied at the factory, hence avoiding the neeo for on-site grinding and subsequent varnishing.

An added uonus is that the coating can be UV cured at factory, making the proauct surface more durable than the conventional hand-applied PU coating used for on-site varnishing of solid timber floors.

MORI floor ensures superior structural stability and is environmentally friendly.
If you want the floor to be soft for your children's room, floating installation with foam or rubber can be done, If you want it hard for your dining area, it can be glued down directly. MORI's Engineered Hardwood Flooring with its multi-layered system can be installed in various methods.

Breathe fresh Austin air

Austin Air filters have over the last 10 years been consistently ranked top in the world with any customers and commercial tests.
If you are looking for good filters, check out the Austin Air filters. With decades of experience, they come in three
different types - the HealthMate filter, HealthMate SuperBlend filter and the HEPA filter.
The basic scientific principles involved in all Austin Air filters are rooted in the use of its activated carbon - True
Medical HEPA filtration media and the filter's purpose impregnated carbon.
The filter removes 99.97% of all air-borne particular matter larger than 0.3 microns, while eliminating over 3,000 toxic gases and odours.
No other personal air cleaner comes close to the level of performance achieved with the Austin Air filter.
The Austin Air filter is engineered to last up to five years. Units are built with a fourstage filtration system starting
in a pre-filter that surrounds the three-stage filter.
Breathing clean air allows your immune system the time it needs to rest and rejuvenate in order to function properly.

Call Austin Air System at 03-9056 5960/9058 7357 or 012-773 7357, For details visit: www.austinair.com

the kitchen becoming more or less the focus of family life

What's cooking?

WITH the kitchen becoming more or less the focus of family life, it is thus important that we try to maintain a cosy and comfortable ambience at all times.
Cooker hoods are not only an essential component in keeping your kitchen free of grease, they also add to a bold and distinctively designed kitchen.
PACIFIC is the market leader for turbo cooker hoods, and their range of hoods come with high-performance turbine motors and
designed with deep chambers to provide strong centrifugal suction power.
PACIFIC's latest offering is the all-new Titania T90, with both AutoClean and SolarClean functionalities. PACIFIC's SolarClean utilises a unique, patented system that incorporates the photocatalyst Titanium Dioxide and Ultra-Violet ("UV') light to help recreate the Sun's powerful sanitisation ability.
A safe and non-toxic process, it is said to remove 99.99% of toxic gasses, microscopic germs, dust and bacteria so that your family can be kept out of harm's way.
Though cleaning is considered a major hassle for most, you don't have to worry about that with the AutoClean function.
Activate by the press of a button, and a high-speed jet-spray will blast a stream of cleaning fluid directly into the turbine motors of your hood, which will spin at an extremely high rate to effectively clean all the internal parts of the hood.
This is especially important for Asian cooking, which produces a considerable amount of grease, steam and oily fumes.
*For more details on the latest packages and promotions for PACIFIC Titania T90 and for other products, please call 1800 888 OIO, visit their website at www.epacific.com.my oJ" e-mail them at [email protected]

Build your dream home

ESTABLISHED in 1981, Top Golden has been constructing high quality steel products and structure of all kinds from residential properties to commercial.
The projects completed include residential homes in high-end residential areas (Bangsar Damansara Heights, Jalan Duta), condominiums and apartments to big commercial complexes like Lot 10. Bursa Malaysia, Silver Bird Headquarters. HRH Princess Rokiah Palace in Brunei and other nrestige projects.
Top Golden nrovides hassle-free and quality wrought iron works for your home at the lowest price possible.
In-house designs are also orovided for customers to choose from.
In special cases, mockup samples are built so that customers know exactly what they are paying for.
Customers are now able to build their home without worrying about safety and security, except to only enjoy theexperience
of finishing their dream home.
Top Golden offers exclusive cast wrought iron components that are available on limited units. The exclusive components are limited and would not be reproduced.

Keeping mozzies away

Keeping mozzies away
MOSQUITOES are known to spread illnesses. Therefore, keeping them out of your homes is important. For quality screens, look no further than Elegant Home Decor Sdn Bhd.

Here, you can be assured of quality and durability, as Elegant Home Decor employs only Seiki screen systems.

Seiki, a Japanese company, is among the largest manufacturers of insect scroons in the world.
The Seiki screen systems comprise of the lock and roll screen system. EZ roll entry (both of which are roller systems),
and the Monarch Plus Screen, which is a folding net.
Last year, Elegant Home Decor became a holder of the Seiki patent, making the company the only one in Singapore and Malaysia to be granted this honour to be the authorised agent for Seiki.
Elegant Home Ddcor is also among the first in Malaysia to implement folding type screens here.
Homeowners who are concerned with aesthetics would be pleased with this screen, as there are no unsightly protrusions or obvious netting on show.
Being virtually invisible, the foldable screen can be fitted nicely away from view.
The pleated accordion mesh design means that you have the liberty of controlling the opening of the screen, whether wide or narrow."
The foldable screen is also userfriendly, and is suitable for homes and condominium designs in Malaysia.
The folding type screens are custom made with Japanese technology.
Apart from the mesh, which is imported, the entire screen is locally made in the company's own factory.
This means that you can get on-the-spot replacement for parts.
Elegant Home D~cor also offers a three-year warranty on all manufacturing defects.
Elegant Home Decor only uses fibreglass mesh as it helps cut down on UV rays, is dust-free and provides up to 100% ventilation with minimal wind blockage.
Quick installation also means hasslefree installation for homeowners.
Other products available at Elegant Home Decor are retractable roller screens, traditional type screens such as magnetic, sliding and hinge, as well as clip-on screens, which are mainly used in bathrooms.
Future plans of the company include doing research and development to design and produce DIY foldable screens for Singapore and the Middle East.

house owners face problems when installing insect screens on their window grilles

Screen Your Home
MOST house owners face problems when installing insect screens on their window grilles. Among the usual complaints are gaps surrounding existing window grilles and alarm sensors protruding from the grilles.
One such company that can solve these problems is Yeemax. Veemax caters to your needs to install wrought iron, aluminum grilles and insect screens, all under one roof. Yeemax can organise your grilles perfectly before installing screens.
Veemax screens are made from fibre polyester, and are safe, clean and economical. This is among the first and only insect screens awarded and certified by the Malaysian Design Council in collaboration with the Ministry of Science, Technology and
Environment. Check out the patented "Magic Window, which allows you to open windows conveniently without having to peel off the insect screen. Heavy duty stainless steel hinges, aluminum solid bar, high security lock set and added security features are part of the appeal of Veemax's new line of products.
For those who plan to install grilles and insect screens, please call Veemax at 03-9074 5298 or 03-90747557 for a friendly consultation.

Sofas galore

Sometimes picking the right piece of furniture can cause quite a headache, especially when you have family members with diverse tastes and preferences.

It's particularly obvious when it comes to the sofa in the living room, where family members laze.

Some like it sleek and raw, while others love comfort and practicality, not to mention, durability.

Wouldn't it be fantastic if there was a piece of lounge sofa that satisfies all, if not, most of your desires?

Santorini's latest Artalda range offers an interesting range of lounge sofas that melds superior comfort and absolute functionality with fantastic design that allows you to hug your living room space just the way you like it.

Being an eight-seater that comes with adjustable head and arm rest, as well as full height head support, you get a piece of furniture that supports your body from head to knee during the entire Heroes marathon!

The first two variants that just arrived boasts scratchproof "smart" material that sits in-between cotton and leather- so comfy that you won't see your thighs sweating when temperature rise.

Got any pets at home?

Fuss not, as the lounge sofas' unique fully detachable fabric cover has three times the thickness of normal fabric and doesn't reveal its sewing, so you won't see "thread whiskers" jutting out when your cat misbehaves.

Another feature worth noting is the range's flexible modular design where sitting arrangement can be adjusted according to your needs, not to mention the solid framework beneath that comes with a five-year warranty.

There are 40 different fabric colours to choose from and seven more designs are coming this month.

The charm of decorative metalwork

CSA, a long-standing name synonymous with aesthetically crafted decorative metalwork, is what you need to brighten up your
CSA is proud to introduce its Cubicmetal series, which was launched last year.
The Cubicmetal series is designed in a three-dimensional setting that enables the designs to stand out.
As Malaysians become more and more exposed to various home decorating methods and are increasingly acquiring discerning
tastes, it will be a comfort to know that CSA guarantees that its products are of the highest quality and authenticity.
The inspiration for Cubicmetal comes from the beauty of nature.
The mesmerising bloom of Heliconia, the amazing Bird of Paradise, the simple yet elegant Lily and the'truly Malaysian' Padi have been immortalised as longlasting, tastefully designed 3-dimensional decorative metalwork.
CSA decorative metalwork is in a class of its own due to its impeccable workmanship complemented by excellent after-sales
service that gives you a peace of mind.
The CSA team of metalwork experts is happy to serve its cherished customers and to accommodate their every request.
Experience first-hand the wonders of metalwork, through CSA Alloy and its Cubicmetal series.

Water, along with the air we breathe, gives birth to human existence

Think green

Water, along with the air we breathe, gives birth to human existence. Being the central medium that allows life to flourish, water is crucial to our well being.

Water supports the lives of billions of people together with industrial, agricultural and recreational, use as well as to nourish the many lives on earth's diverse ecosystems.

Health Basics Sdn Bhd, the exclusive distributor of General Ecology, Inc.'s chemical-free water purification technology,
addresses the needs of the increasingly complex and crowded world with its environmentally friendly water purification system.

Pure water is not just for drinking. Purified water makes everything taste better from soups, pasta and salads to lemonade, mixed drinks, and coffee, even ice cubes. It's an essential ingredient to every meal.

General Ecology's Seagull IV water purifiers are easily installed under the sink, to ice makers, hot water dispensers and refrigerators.

And don't forget the bar area, where great scotch on the rocks tastes better without the taint of
chlorinated ice-cubes.

General Ecology, Inc. manufactures a range of hi-tech water purifiers with a flowrate from one gallon to 26 gallons per minute of water supply.

The Seagull IV water purifiers, developed by multi-disciplined scientist and engineers to protect against modern environmental and ecological waterborne problems like chemicals, bacteria and viruses, has a proprietary "Structured Matrix " technology that combines innovative concepts and purification techniques not available from any other product.

The outstanding success of General Ecology, Inc. is continually evidenced by independent testing results and over 40 years of customer satisfaction through service to a wide range of sophisticated users worldwide, including Airbus and Boeing.

In addition to the Seagull IV range of water purifiers, Health Basics Sdn Bhd also brings to you the IQAIR Health PRO 250; one of the world's most advanced air cleaning systems, made in Switzerland.

The IQAIR Health Pro remove airborne particles and aerosols such as viruses, bacteria, polens, etc. in residential, commercial and medical environment.
Special models effectively absorb a wide spectrum of gaseous pollutants and odours.

Clean water a must

Clean water a must

EVERY house needs a proper water filtration system to ensure their family members get clean and pure water to consume. Aqua Free Sdn Bhd was established in 2000 to meet the high demand for good water filtration systems in the country. The company set up a one-stop centre to provide Water Treatment Technology and solutions, Subsequently, Aqua Free Sdn Bhd was
appointed Malaysia's official Malaysia main distributor for Pentair Water (US) in 2004.

Engaging the US Filtration Technology, Aqua Free Managed to increase their customer base beyond 30,000 throughout the nation.

Now, Aqua Free is presenting two promotion packages which are:
Package A: Purchase an Aqua Free Master Water Filter at only RMI40 per month with a major credit card, and get a Korea Bio
Energy Water Purifier and a Digital Air Filter as your Free Gift.

Package B : Customers can rent an Aqua Free Hot & Cold Water Dispenser (Pipe In System) for as low as RM30 per month with no deposit, free service and maintenance, free filter changing and free installation (Klang Valley Only).

These packages aim to promote healthy lifestyles for all Malaysians. Aqua Free also offers you an additional 15-Days Free Trial Promotion, Free Installation and a Washing Water Tank, (T & C Applies).

Inovar Floor-a homegrown brand is no stranger in the local laminate floor industry

Inovar wins big

After 12 years of hard-work pioneering the laminate floor industry in Malaysia, Inovar Floor was recently rewarded the prestigious Brand Laureate Asia Pacific SMEs Chapter Award 2007 as Best Brand under the Laminate Floor category.

The award was presented by Datuk Khamsiyah Yeop, Deputy Minister and Entrepreneurial & Cooperative Development in the presence of His Royal Highness DYMM Yang DiPertuan Agung Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin in a glittering ceremony held at a reputable hotel in Kuala Lumkpur.

The winners were judged based on a broad range of criterias including brand promise, brand management, product quality, market share, after sales service and etc with final endorsement by an established audit firm.

Inovar Floor-a homegrown brand is no stranger in the local laminate floor industry.
Started in 1996 when laminate flooring was unheard of, the brand is not only the best locally but is today recognized internationally for its superior water resistant high density fibreboard (HDF) quality.

Inovar Floor uses only HDF from Daiken, a Japanese owned factory located in Bintulu and Miri, Sarawak.Using fibres from selected tropical hardwood species, Inovar Floor is proven to have a stronger life with lasting impressions compared to brands that use softwood fibres particularly those coming from temperate countries.

The reason is simple-our tropical hardwood HDF do not rot under normal usage and it comes with a lifetime termite warranty.

Manufactured in Malaysia using the latest and most sophisticated technology, the company does not compromise on quality standards,

Every panel is quality assured before leaving the factory.Currently, 65%of their products are exported to countries like USA, Japan, Australia, South East Asia, Middle East and South Africa.

It is no wonder that Smart Floor the project brand of Inovar, is widely accepted. Today the company has completed no less than 60 medium to high value housing schemes with more than 10 million square feet installed over the last three years.

At Inovar, it isn't only about product quality but also the latest in trends and designs.With over 80 designs of different thickness, texture and timber tones you will be impressed by its various choices. They can also custom produce to your choice with the right quantity.

While Inovar Floor is facing some challenges from imported brands with lower prices due to different material contents, the company sees a strong growth potential with buyers who begin to realize the wisdom of paying for a product that lasts.

It is no easy task changing defective floors with furniture and built-ins installed. Malaysians can now enjoy an attractive floor, adaptable in all places at the most affordable prices.
Inovar is available in most major towns and cities throughout Malaysia.Visit them today to be impressed. Call their toll free number:l 800 88 6166 for a free consultation.

iROBOT RESCUE - most powerful and efficient vacuuming robot


IROBOT Corp. recently introduced its smartest, most powerful and efficient vacuuming robot: the new iRobot Roomba 500 series of Vacuum Cleaning Robots.

Based on feedback from more than two million buyers since Roomba's introduction five years ago, iRobot has reinvented its
flagship home robot to deliver 100% improved vacuum performance for a cleaner home, every day.

With the Roomba 500 series, iRobot raises the IQ of home care further. The new robots can free themselves from almost any
household jam, minimising the need to prep rooms before Roomba begins cleaning. Using wireless technology, the robots now know when they have finished cleaning one room and to move on to the next.

"It took three years and the latest in robot technology innovations to create appliances that can clean as effectively and
autonomously as the new Roomba 500 series.

"Life today is so busy, we rarely have the time or the energy to clean our homes as often as we'd like. If you wish you could have clean floors every day, this one's for you," said Sandra Lawrence, president of iRobat Home Robots.

The iRobot Reomba 500 series includes the following new features:
* A solid, heavy-duty design featuring modular components for enhanced durability and easy servicing;
* Anti-tangle technology so Roomba can extract itself from tassels and cord tangles;
* iRobot's proprietary built-in, light-touch intelligent sensing system that can detect when Roomba is approaching a wall or obstacle and automatically slow the robot down for a gentler impact and quieter operation;
* One-button activation; simply press "clean" and go;
* A built-in voice tutorial for new users that demonstrates Roomba's features right out of the box;
* A new mobility platform that allows Roomba to travel on thicker carpets, climb higher thresholds, and transition easily
between floor surfaces;
* New re-designed dustbin holds significantly more debris;
The iRobot Roomba 530, priced at RM2, 188, includes all of these features and cleans up to three standard rooms before returning to its Home Base to recharge. Roomba 530 also comes with a standard Virtual Wall that confines the robot to a certain area using an infrared beam.

The iRobot Roomba 560, priced at RM2, 389, includes two Virtual Wall Lighthouses. These mini-towers - just 10cm tall (4.25 inches) and about 9cm(3.5 inches) wide -- help orient Roomba via radio frequency (RF) communications and guideRoomba systematically through the home. The Virtual Wall Lighthouses confine the Roomba to one room until that room is thoroughly cleaned, and then guide Roomba into the next room.

Once the Roomba 560 finishes its cleaning, or if its battery is running low, the Virtual Wall Lighthouses direct the robot to its Home Base to dock and recharge.

Roomba 560 also includes an on-board scheduling function, so it can be programmed to automatically clean up to seven days
a week, even when owners are away.

All Roomba 500 series robots include iRobot'S patented threestage cleaning system that auto matically adjusts to clean carpets and hard floors.

Roamba's intelligent cleaning system evaluates its environment at 67 times per second so that it always delivers the right
amount of cleaning power to your floor. The new iRobot Roomba 500 is now available nationwide.

For more information and service, please contact AETIS Sdn Bhd, the sole distributor and service centre for Malaysia at 012-299 3847, 016-212 3847, 019-662 3847 or 03-7877 8160. Youcan also visit www.irobot.com for additional information about

HomeSeal your house - best to keep these unwanted guests outside our homes.

HomeSeal your house

OUR home environment often has to put up with the invasion of mosquitoes and other pesky insects that might pose a danger to our health and wellbeing.lt is best to keep these unwanted guests outside our homes.

To do this, you can choose from a wide range of insect screens, ranging from the conventional aluminum types to the modern and more up-marketroller and magnetic screens.

Aside from pricing, aesthetics and functionality are also key considerations. There are homeowners who would rather put up with noxious smoke from mosquito coils, chemical sprays and closed windows than to ruin their home d~cor with the unsightly frames and bulky protrusions of most conventional aluminum screen systems.

Roller screens can be troublesome at times due to the mechanism involved.
The magnetic insect screen on the other hand is a simple contraption that is easy to use and maintain.

It is almost invisible to the eyes when the screen is mounted unobtrusively on to the grille or window frame.

This innovative insect screening system was introduced by HomeSeal Marketing about ten years ago. To date, HomeSeal still specialises in this system and aims to maintain market leadership in this segment.

HomeSeal magnetic insect screen makes use of magnetic strips that are about 12mm (half an inch) wide and 1.5mm thick with adhesive to stick on grilles and window frames.

A similar strip frames the screen, which allows for a snapback action to ensure a perfect fit.

The screen is made of fiberglass mesh that is non-combustible, ultraviolet stabilized as well as rot and stain proof.

Unlike many conventional aluminum screens, HomeSeal magnetic screens allow free flow of fresh air into the home and are easy to clean.

Just dislodge the light screen and wipe with a damp cloth or flush with water and then wipe dry and put back into place.

Usage of the screen is just as convenient as it can be easily lifted up from the base for the opening of the window as retaining clips keep the screen in place.

Every screen is tailor-made for windows or doors, with a choice of colours to match your home decor.

All gaps will be covered at no extra charge to ensure a complete seal.

Being among the pioneers of magnetic insect screens with a ten-year established presence, HomeSeal is confident of satisfying customers in terms of quality and service expectations.

A five- year warranty is the company's assurance for your peace of mind. Each customer will receive a warranty card with instructions on the upkeep of the screens and a bott!e of screen care solvent to maintain the screens in good condition.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Premier hoods - feel uncomfortable every time you cook in a hot and oily kitchen

Premier hoods

ARE you tired of the oil and smoke wafting around your kitchen while you are cooking?

Do you feel uncomfortable every time you cook in a hot and oily kitchen? With Fotile, cooking can become easy.

The kitchen reflects your lifestyle. A modern kitchen is not only a place for cooking it is also a place for gathering with friends.

Everyone would like to prepare a meal for loved ones, have afternoon tea with the family or cook with friends in a kitchen with a nice atmosphere.

Besides having modern cabinets, a good quality cooker hood is also very important for a clean and clear kitchen.

After years of study and research by Fotile kitchen experts equipped with in-depth understanding of Asian cooking habits and needs, Fotile has designed a cooker hood, which is suitable for Asian families.

The 'Total Oil Extraction Technology' ensures oil and smoke are effectively extracted from the kitchen.

The patented 'U Free' filter as well as 'Nautilus Air Passageway' effectively filter and extract the oil and smoke, leaving you a clean and clear kitchen with fresher air.

Fotile's latest cooker hood model EHIO comes with three-dimensional built-in air curtain with ionizer.

The three-dimensional built-in air curtain forms a six-degree air curtain to effectively control the diffusion of oil and smoke.

This cooker hood fascinated many customers when it was launched in the market.

The EHO6 is also a newly launched hood.

This hood is equipped with a delay timer, which can prolong the time of extraction before it turns off automatically.

EHO6 has wider smoke collection chamber that able to capture the smoke effectively.

This model uses the 'Clean and Clear' filter system, the new filter designed for effective filtration and easy cleaning purposes.

EHO6 was awarded the 'German IF Design Awards' in 2007 for outstanding design and function.

You will he attracted by this classic fully stainless steel cooker hood.

Pursuing perfection - beautiful hardwood floors is a journey of discovery inspired by a deep appreciation of Nature

At Netwood, the path to beautiful hardwood floors is a journey of discovery inspired by a deep appreciation of Nature's most versatile building material.

Wood flooring in Malaysian homes has certainly come a long way since the parquet floors of the 80's. Once considered high maintenance and impractical for everyday living, wood floors are now the flooring of choice for fashionable homeowners at the finest addresses in the country.

The availability and appeal of tropical woods were responsible for the resurgence of plank and strip floors here in the last few years. At the time, most wood-flooring professionals offered only tropical wood flooring solutions. This, however, was not the case at Netwood.

Not only has the hardwood flooring specialist been instrumental in bringing an exciting range of imported hardwood species from temperate regions including Europe and North America to our shores, the company has the experience and expertise required to bring out the best in temperate hardwood floors even in the heat and humidity of the tropics.

The Netwood team's passion for luxurious, meticulously crafted hardwood floors is evident in the extensive trade knowledge they possess.

Raw materials are directly imported from major sawn timber or hardwood flooring manufacturers in prime timber regions for the highest quality assurance. Only top-grade hardwoods from specific countries of origin make the cut at Netwoood.

For example, the company imports beech from Germany as German beech offers greater colour consistency compared to beech grown in other countries. Canadian maple is favoured by the flooring professional over Its North American cousin because the colder Canadian winters only allow for slow growth; resulting in a tighter grain and paler colour that is highly valued among aeslgners and hardwood floor lovers the world over It is this commitment to excellence and vasl knowledge honed by more than a decade's experience in the industry that customers can expect at Netwood.

For homeowners keen on a hardwood floor, Netwood has this invaluable advice to offer-always judge the price by the profile. A standard long.wood strip that is less than 19mm thick will result in an unsightly concave appearance of the strip known as cupping. Thicker strips and planks are costlier but at the end of the day, you will be getting the quality and stability you are paying for.

Netwood brings more than 15 years of industry experience to the table and customers can count on expert advice on the different hardwood species available at the Gallery as well as the right floor installation techniques. The hardwood flooring specialist has also picked up several industry awards for its distinctive hardwood floors along the way. The 2007 National Wood Flooring Association (USA) Wood Floor of the Year Awards saw three winning entries from Netwood alone. The entries were judged on technical difficulty, quality of installation and overall appearance by industry peers.

For the assurance of luxury and uncompromised quality in harowoou floors founded upon years of experience, look no further than Norwood.

MALAYSIA is one of the world's leaders in timber flooring and Lumber Mart

MALAYSIA is one of the world's leaders in timber flooring and Lumber Mart wants to keep it that way.
To ensure quality is to be in control of the entire process, right from the forest and into your living room, Lumber Mart
takes on the role as an importer, manufacturer and installer, ensuring complete accountability as the buck stops with them.

Sanded floors coated with Bona's advanced range of water-based finishes provide a high degree of scuff resistance and protection - up to seven times more scratch resistant than conventional coating.

The job doesn't end there; post installation maintenance is the way to keep the flooring in perfect shape for years to come.

Lumber Mart has an exclusive collaboration with Bena - one of the leading manufacturers of sanding equipment as well as the benefit of continuous research and development and technical training. Its primary objective is to address all aspects of timber flooring, from the sourcing of the wood to customized installation.

Lumber Mart is a one-stop solution to cater to varied timber flooring requirements.
For more information, call Lumber Mart at 03-61411686.

Advanced auto gate

THE GFM-905 Premium swing rotary type motor is a perfect solution for an above ground design swing motor to minimize water seepage such as in the floor-concealed type.

It also overcomes the complicated hydraulic push-pull type, which has high joint-stress design.

This system is a whole new concept towards highest reliability.

In the event the system stops working, there is no need for complicated disassembling of the motor to move the gate manually.

A single keystroke will disengage the locking system and the gate is can moved by hand- all hassle free.

GFM Premium is the about the only auto gate system which incorporates a Multi-Function keypad that can open /close / stop the auto gate, trigger the panic alarm, lock the whole system up, arm the outdoor photobeam alarm, set a time for auto close,
switch the buzzer on / off to indicate if the gate is open, and is complete with an LED indicator that blinks when the gate is left open and another LED to indicate the status of the main power supply or battery charging operation.

The Premium series also comes with a pair of safety infrared beam installed on both sides of the gate.

Any obstruction to the beam triggers the safety action of stopping or reversing the gate motion.

The wireless transmitter has four buttons to open the left, right and both gates and also to trigger an optionalpanic alarm.

For a limited period only, West Mark Alarm and Automation Sdn. Bhd is offering a free charger and standby battery for every GFM-905 motor installed.

For more information please call West Mark Alarm and Automation Sdn. Bhd. at 03-62760102 (5 lines) or visit the showroom for a demonstration.

You may also visit www.westmarkalarm.com. West Mark also specializes in swing gate systems, burglar alarms, CCTV, automatic barriers, card access, wrought iron gates, grilles and staircase balustrades.

Sitting easy - for most working adults

The eight hour work day sees us sitting down most of the time. It is, therefore, vital to understand the true meaning of sitting: how to sit, where to sit, and why to sit.

From childhood we were often taught that the "right way" of sitting is straight 90C upright in order to achieve the best posture. However, as researchers continue to search for the cause of increasing back problems, they recommended otherwise.

Sitting upright contributes higher tension and adds pressure to your spinal column. The medicat survey of the University of Regensburg under direction of Prof. Grifka shows revolutionary findings that your back needs movements for staying healthy.

Permanent movement of the petvic area trains your back muscles. Thus, trained muscles stay elastic and therefore can fulfill the supporting function to the spinal column in a better way, Due to this healthy seating position, distortion of the spinal column and harm due to incorrect sitting can be avoided.

Permanent movement stimulates the sense and movement centre in the human brain and boosts your power of concentration as well as motivation.

Movement assures the blood reflux from your legs through the venous system. Thus, you can avoid prickling extremities. You can prevenl yourself from becoming visually unattractive and, above all, dangerous varicosities.

This revolutionary technology is made in Germany and is available to all Topstar and Wagner Chairs. While seeing is believing, nothing beats the true experience of touch and feel. Chesters Collection is committed to presenting the best seat-ing solution and services to customers.
Topstar and Wagner are available exclusively at Chesters Collection.

*Visit Chesters Collection at Block D-O-3, Megan Avenue I, 189 Jalan Tun Razak, KL or call 03-2166 4121 for an appointment.

Safe to drink - Distilled water is pure water without preservation chemicals

WOULDN'T it be just grand to know once and for all if that water you just sipped is contaminated? It's easy to know if you're drinking distilled water, because there is the sweet taste of pure water.

After drinking pure water throughout a period of a few weeks, you can mostly tell if there are chemicals or toxic substances in your drinking water just by tasting it.

When you drink distilled water, it helps to eliminate toxic chemicals from your body, Drink it for a few weeks and you will notice a difference. Your body will be more energetic and you will feel healthier. Our body is made up of approximately 70% water. Just imagine 70% of your body being cleansed from contaminants. Look forward to better looking skin as the distilled water helps eliminate toxins from your body.

Distilled water is pure water without preservation chemicals.

We obtain our minerals from foods. The minerals in the water are actually dissolved sand and stones. Seawater is rich in minerals but we can't drink it. Take three glasses of water and boil it until it has mostly evaporated and then decide if the minerals left behind are edible.

Inorganic calcium from the soil is extracted to manufacture cement because of their hardening properties. When these are
deposited in your arteries, heart diseases may be developed. And if it gets deposited in your kidneys. you might get kidney stones.

What if it gets into your joints? You may very well get arthritis. This calcium can be found between your teeth and is known as tartar. Tartars are actually foods that are hardened by inorganic calcium. Drink distilled water and it can help to prevent tartar formation.

The RainMaker 5GMS water distiller is one of the most advanced water distillers in the world. The cooling system (patented using German technology and German machine) has a constricted gas vent that eliminates volatile gases five times more effectively that ordinary gas vents. High quality surgical stainless steel is used for the cooling tube, boiling chamber and cover. Thus their cooling systems are more effective as they have approximately 35% more cooling fins. As such, these systems can distil water faster and does so more economically.

Every part of the RainMaker distillers has been tested for a period of time for performance, durability and quality. All the imported parts are replaceable hence one such distiller can last you a lifetime. The RainMaker distillers come with glass containers and are internationally certified by CSA for Canada and USA, EMC for Germany and CE for Europe. It hasa patent right in the USA too, and you'll also receive a two-year warranty for your distiller.

You are now presented with a rather incredible offer. If you can find another distiller (with conventional cooling system and with metallic body) that can distil faster, give you more water and is more environmentally friendly than the RainMaker 5GMS water distiller, you will get back a full refund.Plus, you may keep the distiller for your own use with fullcompliments from the company. That's how confident the company is of their RainMaker 5GMS water distiller!

*Kindly contact Alan Ng at 03-9056 4795 for more information or visit them at their showroom located at: Sassess (M) Sdn. Bhd. 2066 2nd Floor Endah Parade, No. 1 Jalan 1/149E, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.