Tuesday, April 22, 2008

THE important issues when looking for a good solar water heater are cost, capacity, and maximum temperatures.

Top solar heaters

THE important issues when looking for a good solar water heater are cost, capacity, and maximum temperatures.Most thermosyphon solar heater heaters exhibit a maximum tem- perature of 65 to 75C on sunny days, with a cost efficiency of
RM0.60 to RM0.32 per, daily kilocalorie.

Microsolar Coaxial Multivalve Heaters deliver the highest temperatures, with maximum temperatures of 95C to 100C on sunny
days. This gives RM0.25 per daily kilocalorie. The high performance means that the Microsolar can operate totally without electricity backup, or with minimum electric backup if one is required at all.

The Microsolar Coaxial Multivalve M60V'rHE 264 litres is capable of reaching maximum temperatures of 100C from 10C within six hours of full sunshine (tested without any electricity being allowed), This rate of temperature rise and maximum temperature is unmatched by any other thermosyphon solar water heater in the world.

The Microsolar now comes with a pressurized indirect heating copper twin coil heat exchanger for long term lifespan and sediment resistant low maintenance, using the latest robotic tungsten argon gas welding stainless steel 304 hot water storage tanks, mirror finish 304 stainless steel concentrating parabolic reflectors, 60mm high pressure injected polyurethane foam insulation, 30 nos high temperature borosilicate evacuated glass vacuum tubes 58mm x 1800ram.

Microsolar has 30 solar heating tubes in the collector panel but crucially gives 60 valves (30 inlet valves and 30 outlet valves) between the collector and the tank for unrestricted free flowing heat collection.

For more information, call Microsslar at 03-5637 3735 / 03-5633 4398 / 013-3625 965 / 012-3325 965 or email microsolar@hotmail.com or visit www.microsolarsystem.com.

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