Tuesday, April 22, 2008

All wooden floorings from Floor Depot are designed to give homeowners a perfect combination of beautiful styling

Perfect floors

All wooden floorings from Floor Depot are designed to give homeowners a perfect combination of beautiful styling, varied textures and vibrant colours.

HOME improvement as a trend is fast catching on in our country. Promising a traditional yet natural appeal, wood flooring is an all-time favourite, when it comes to renovation or home improvement.Understandably, wood is a floor furnishing material that is soft to the touch, elegant in appeal and comfortable to our feet.

Different kinds of living areas demand different types of flooring and therefore all wooden floorings from FLOOR DEPOT are designed with the aim of meeting the same fundamental requirements. They are:

* The perfect combination of beautiful styling, textures and colors that meet every individual expectation.

* Made from the best European technologies and topnotch raw materials from Asia-a stable structure that can with-stand extreme/local weather condition.

Through the wide range of wood flooring range, FLOOR DEPOT can meet all requirements, from simpler options to floors with unique qualities in terms of appearance and highly advanced technology.

Along with the choices of wood flooring, FLOOR DEPOT offers a comprehensive range of acceasories with a 100% perfect match
color Walline skirting and Florcannet profile to address the specific needs of every home.

Moreover, there are choices of underlay, example, the MiteGuard where floorboards are covered against termite.

FLOOR DEPOT understands the difficulties you face when measuring your floor.

That's why a well-trained personnel helps you measure your floor for free without any obligation to purchase. There's also their experienced installation team who can help you with a small fee.

Buyers are provided the option of buying Water Damage Insurance for their investment on FLOOR DEPOT wood flooring.This wood floor protection plan is covered by a Licensed General Insurance company against domestic bursting pipes, floods and windstorms at a small premium fee.

For those looking for a wood flooring solution provider, FLOOR DEPOT is the best place for you to view various types of
wood floorings - Solid Hardwood Flooring, Engineered Hardwood Flooring and Laminate Flooring. Visit FLOOR DEPOT outlets to
find out more on their latest wood floorings collection.

For more information, please contact FLOOR DEPOT toll free at 1-800-88-7585 or visit www.floordepot.com.my.

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