Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pursuing perfection - beautiful hardwood floors is a journey of discovery inspired by a deep appreciation of Nature

At Netwood, the path to beautiful hardwood floors is a journey of discovery inspired by a deep appreciation of Nature's most versatile building material.

Wood flooring in Malaysian homes has certainly come a long way since the parquet floors of the 80's. Once considered high maintenance and impractical for everyday living, wood floors are now the flooring of choice for fashionable homeowners at the finest addresses in the country.

The availability and appeal of tropical woods were responsible for the resurgence of plank and strip floors here in the last few years. At the time, most wood-flooring professionals offered only tropical wood flooring solutions. This, however, was not the case at Netwood.

Not only has the hardwood flooring specialist been instrumental in bringing an exciting range of imported hardwood species from temperate regions including Europe and North America to our shores, the company has the experience and expertise required to bring out the best in temperate hardwood floors even in the heat and humidity of the tropics.

The Netwood team's passion for luxurious, meticulously crafted hardwood floors is evident in the extensive trade knowledge they possess.

Raw materials are directly imported from major sawn timber or hardwood flooring manufacturers in prime timber regions for the highest quality assurance. Only top-grade hardwoods from specific countries of origin make the cut at Netwoood.

For example, the company imports beech from Germany as German beech offers greater colour consistency compared to beech grown in other countries. Canadian maple is favoured by the flooring professional over Its North American cousin because the colder Canadian winters only allow for slow growth; resulting in a tighter grain and paler colour that is highly valued among aeslgners and hardwood floor lovers the world over It is this commitment to excellence and vasl knowledge honed by more than a decade's experience in the industry that customers can expect at Netwood.

For homeowners keen on a hardwood floor, Netwood has this invaluable advice to offer-always judge the price by the profile. A standard long.wood strip that is less than 19mm thick will result in an unsightly concave appearance of the strip known as cupping. Thicker strips and planks are costlier but at the end of the day, you will be getting the quality and stability you are paying for.

Netwood brings more than 15 years of industry experience to the table and customers can count on expert advice on the different hardwood species available at the Gallery as well as the right floor installation techniques. The hardwood flooring specialist has also picked up several industry awards for its distinctive hardwood floors along the way. The 2007 National Wood Flooring Association (USA) Wood Floor of the Year Awards saw three winning entries from Netwood alone. The entries were judged on technical difficulty, quality of installation and overall appearance by industry peers.

For the assurance of luxury and uncompromised quality in harowoou floors founded upon years of experience, look no further than Norwood.

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