Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Premier hoods - feel uncomfortable every time you cook in a hot and oily kitchen

Premier hoods

ARE you tired of the oil and smoke wafting around your kitchen while you are cooking?

Do you feel uncomfortable every time you cook in a hot and oily kitchen? With Fotile, cooking can become easy.

The kitchen reflects your lifestyle. A modern kitchen is not only a place for cooking it is also a place for gathering with friends.

Everyone would like to prepare a meal for loved ones, have afternoon tea with the family or cook with friends in a kitchen with a nice atmosphere.

Besides having modern cabinets, a good quality cooker hood is also very important for a clean and clear kitchen.

After years of study and research by Fotile kitchen experts equipped with in-depth understanding of Asian cooking habits and needs, Fotile has designed a cooker hood, which is suitable for Asian families.

The 'Total Oil Extraction Technology' ensures oil and smoke are effectively extracted from the kitchen.

The patented 'U Free' filter as well as 'Nautilus Air Passageway' effectively filter and extract the oil and smoke, leaving you a clean and clear kitchen with fresher air.

Fotile's latest cooker hood model EHIO comes with three-dimensional built-in air curtain with ionizer.

The three-dimensional built-in air curtain forms a six-degree air curtain to effectively control the diffusion of oil and smoke.

This cooker hood fascinated many customers when it was launched in the market.

The EHO6 is also a newly launched hood.

This hood is equipped with a delay timer, which can prolong the time of extraction before it turns off automatically.

EHO6 has wider smoke collection chamber that able to capture the smoke effectively.

This model uses the 'Clean and Clear' filter system, the new filter designed for effective filtration and easy cleaning purposes.

EHO6 was awarded the 'German IF Design Awards' in 2007 for outstanding design and function.

You will he attracted by this classic fully stainless steel cooker hood.

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