Sunday, April 20, 2008

are you currently looking for a set of kids' furniture, one that offers better safety features

Kids' furniture

PARENTS, are you currently looking for a set of kids' furniture, one that offers better safety features, better quality and is environmentally friendly?.

Originating from Japan, Archi Kids proudly presents a new selection of kids' furniture, which perfectly combines structural safety, stylish design and eco-friendly materials.

Archi Kids offers the flexible option of furniture configuration, that suit the personalities of your kids. A complete set of oar furniture is composed by different modules, i.e. bed, study table, chest of drawer, shelf, rack and etc. Most of these parts are portable, so that it can be arranged according to your preferred setting. For limited interi- or space in the room of a condominium, the compact design of their children's system bed can save space besides providing the multiple functions such as sleeping, studying and storage.

These furniture also gives special small, but useful "extras". For example, hooks are provided at the side of the desk, to place your children's school bags or clothes.

The base structural material (especially joints and vertical structure) is made of solid wood, such as imported White Oak, Beech and Birch. To take care of the safety of your child, the architecture is carefully designed and applies rounded edges.

Archi Kids furniture is ace-friendly, whereby the level of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds, especially formaldehyde) used is kept at the lowest possible 1eve|. Our desks are made of solid wood, which emits almost zero formaldehyde.

Visit their showroom at Subang 2 (near Kota Damansara or Subang Old Airport), open daily from 10 am to 6 pm. For queries, call 03-78464329 (Office), 0123336697(Mr. Wong), 0122121109 (Mr.Anderson) or 0163757909 (Mr.Brian). For location map, please
visit to, or call for a fax copy.

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