Wednesday, April 16, 2008

the kitchen becoming more or less the focus of family life

What's cooking?

WITH the kitchen becoming more or less the focus of family life, it is thus important that we try to maintain a cosy and comfortable ambience at all times.
Cooker hoods are not only an essential component in keeping your kitchen free of grease, they also add to a bold and distinctively designed kitchen.
PACIFIC is the market leader for turbo cooker hoods, and their range of hoods come with high-performance turbine motors and
designed with deep chambers to provide strong centrifugal suction power.
PACIFIC's latest offering is the all-new Titania T90, with both AutoClean and SolarClean functionalities. PACIFIC's SolarClean utilises a unique, patented system that incorporates the photocatalyst Titanium Dioxide and Ultra-Violet ("UV') light to help recreate the Sun's powerful sanitisation ability.
A safe and non-toxic process, it is said to remove 99.99% of toxic gasses, microscopic germs, dust and bacteria so that your family can be kept out of harm's way.
Though cleaning is considered a major hassle for most, you don't have to worry about that with the AutoClean function.
Activate by the press of a button, and a high-speed jet-spray will blast a stream of cleaning fluid directly into the turbine motors of your hood, which will spin at an extremely high rate to effectively clean all the internal parts of the hood.
This is especially important for Asian cooking, which produces a considerable amount of grease, steam and oily fumes.
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