Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sitting easy - for most working adults

The eight hour work day sees us sitting down most of the time. It is, therefore, vital to understand the true meaning of sitting: how to sit, where to sit, and why to sit.

From childhood we were often taught that the "right way" of sitting is straight 90C upright in order to achieve the best posture. However, as researchers continue to search for the cause of increasing back problems, they recommended otherwise.

Sitting upright contributes higher tension and adds pressure to your spinal column. The medicat survey of the University of Regensburg under direction of Prof. Grifka shows revolutionary findings that your back needs movements for staying healthy.

Permanent movement of the petvic area trains your back muscles. Thus, trained muscles stay elastic and therefore can fulfill the supporting function to the spinal column in a better way, Due to this healthy seating position, distortion of the spinal column and harm due to incorrect sitting can be avoided.

Permanent movement stimulates the sense and movement centre in the human brain and boosts your power of concentration as well as motivation.

Movement assures the blood reflux from your legs through the venous system. Thus, you can avoid prickling extremities. You can prevenl yourself from becoming visually unattractive and, above all, dangerous varicosities.

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