Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Inovar Floor-a homegrown brand is no stranger in the local laminate floor industry

Inovar wins big

After 12 years of hard-work pioneering the laminate floor industry in Malaysia, Inovar Floor was recently rewarded the prestigious Brand Laureate Asia Pacific SMEs Chapter Award 2007 as Best Brand under the Laminate Floor category.

The award was presented by Datuk Khamsiyah Yeop, Deputy Minister and Entrepreneurial & Cooperative Development in the presence of His Royal Highness DYMM Yang DiPertuan Agung Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin in a glittering ceremony held at a reputable hotel in Kuala Lumkpur.

The winners were judged based on a broad range of criterias including brand promise, brand management, product quality, market share, after sales service and etc with final endorsement by an established audit firm.

Inovar Floor-a homegrown brand is no stranger in the local laminate floor industry.
Started in 1996 when laminate flooring was unheard of, the brand is not only the best locally but is today recognized internationally for its superior water resistant high density fibreboard (HDF) quality.

Inovar Floor uses only HDF from Daiken, a Japanese owned factory located in Bintulu and Miri, Sarawak.Using fibres from selected tropical hardwood species, Inovar Floor is proven to have a stronger life with lasting impressions compared to brands that use softwood fibres particularly those coming from temperate countries.

The reason is simple-our tropical hardwood HDF do not rot under normal usage and it comes with a lifetime termite warranty.

Manufactured in Malaysia using the latest and most sophisticated technology, the company does not compromise on quality standards,

Every panel is quality assured before leaving the factory.Currently, 65%of their products are exported to countries like USA, Japan, Australia, South East Asia, Middle East and South Africa.

It is no wonder that Smart Floor the project brand of Inovar, is widely accepted. Today the company has completed no less than 60 medium to high value housing schemes with more than 10 million square feet installed over the last three years.

At Inovar, it isn't only about product quality but also the latest in trends and designs.With over 80 designs of different thickness, texture and timber tones you will be impressed by its various choices. They can also custom produce to your choice with the right quantity.

While Inovar Floor is facing some challenges from imported brands with lower prices due to different material contents, the company sees a strong growth potential with buyers who begin to realize the wisdom of paying for a product that lasts.

It is no easy task changing defective floors with furniture and built-ins installed. Malaysians can now enjoy an attractive floor, adaptable in all places at the most affordable prices.
Inovar is available in most major towns and cities throughout Malaysia.Visit them today to be impressed. Call their toll free number:l 800 88 6166 for a free consultation.

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