Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cleaner Home, Healthier Living

Cleaner Home, Healthier Living

DO you know that the air circulating inside your home may be dirtierlhan outside? This is mainly due to dust mites and allergens that can also cause mild to severe allergies especially in young children.

Most homes have vacuum cleaners.However, the normal vacuum cleaner may not clear efficiently enough. A normal vacuum cleaner uses dust bags to trap dirt, and over time, it becomes an ideal breeding ground for dust mites, bacteria, fungus and other harmful particles.

Without proper filtration at the exhaust, a normal vacuum cleaner blows harmful particles back into the room, hence dirtying the air that you and the children breathe in. Karcher from Germany has developed a Water-Filter Vacuum Cleaner (pic) to do the perfect cleaning job. The Karcher Water-Filter Vacuum Cleaner uses water to trap dust and dirt.

Dust and dirt is dissolved in water, so there isn't any need for a dust bag and the suction remains consistently powerful.in addition, the Karcher system includes a HEPA filter which traps 99.9% of all particles over 0.3 microns, so that means the dust mites; bacteria and most of the other harmful particles can be removed.

With the combination of the water filter and an additional HEPA filter, Karoher has achieved a new standard in vacuuming. HEPA filters are normally used in electronic clean rooms and surgical the- atres. This additional HEPA class filter provides the final barrier to trap harmful particles, so that the air that comes out of the Kircher vacuum cleaner is much cleaner than the normal air you breathe.

Karcher offers you a product with precision German engineering and assurance of quality to guarantee operational reliability with very low maintenance cost.

This machine makes cleaning a breeze and helps provide a cleaner home and a healthier lifestyle for you and your family. Take good care of your loved ones and give them the best there is. You will be amazed with the cleaning results.

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