Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The charm of decorative metalwork

CSA, a long-standing name synonymous with aesthetically crafted decorative metalwork, is what you need to brighten up your
CSA is proud to introduce its Cubicmetal series, which was launched last year.
The Cubicmetal series is designed in a three-dimensional setting that enables the designs to stand out.
As Malaysians become more and more exposed to various home decorating methods and are increasingly acquiring discerning
tastes, it will be a comfort to know that CSA guarantees that its products are of the highest quality and authenticity.
The inspiration for Cubicmetal comes from the beauty of nature.
The mesmerising bloom of Heliconia, the amazing Bird of Paradise, the simple yet elegant Lily and the'truly Malaysian' Padi have been immortalised as longlasting, tastefully designed 3-dimensional decorative metalwork.
CSA decorative metalwork is in a class of its own due to its impeccable workmanship complemented by excellent after-sales
service that gives you a peace of mind.
The CSA team of metalwork experts is happy to serve its cherished customers and to accommodate their every request.
Experience first-hand the wonders of metalwork, through CSA Alloy and its Cubicmetal series.

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