Wednesday, April 16, 2008

the advent of timber technology, what used to be just solid floor

A New Era

WITH the advent of timber technology, what used to be just solid floor that needed to be installed, grinded and lacquered hasevolved to simple installation.

And it can be engineered, laminated, pre-finished in different styles.

Engineered timber flooring is widely accepted as the most stable type of wood flooring in environments where moisture is a
concern,An inherent characteristic of timber is the absorption and drying of moisture, which causes structural expansion and

As an internal floor covering, this will mean gapping, warping, cupping or buckling risks for solid wood floors.

Engineered timber flooring addresses these inherent weaknesses by massaging the structure to reduce theserisks considerably.

By virtue of its stable structure, traditional rules in owning wood flooring have been rewritten.

No more lengthy installation times, messy grindmg, subsequent repairs or worries that it might warp one day, This stability allows the product coating to be applied at the factory, hence avoiding the neeo for on-site grinding and subsequent varnishing.

An added uonus is that the coating can be UV cured at factory, making the proauct surface more durable than the conventional hand-applied PU coating used for on-site varnishing of solid timber floors.

MORI floor ensures superior structural stability and is environmentally friendly.
If you want the floor to be soft for your children's room, floating installation with foam or rubber can be done, If you want it hard for your dining area, it can be glued down directly. MORI's Engineered Hardwood Flooring with its multi-layered system can be installed in various methods.

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