Tuesday, April 22, 2008

WROUGHT iron often connotes images of rigidity, sturdiness and solidity

Wrought iron styles

WROUGHT iron often connotes images of rigidity, sturdiness and solidity. But rarely is it looked upon as a thing of beauty.

The fact is, wrought iron home furnishings, whether inside or outside the home can be one of the most solid and fashionable enhancements you could ever make to your home,

All it takes is just one visit to the Delux showroom in Bukit Tinggi, Klang and you will be a 'convert' to the newest art form in town - wrought iron decor for the home.

Gone are the old descriptions of boring or bland. Today wrought iron dbcor is known as avant garde, noveau art floral, romantic, French and many more.
From gates to doors, elegantly crafted banisters to windows railings and a whole selection of house items, you will find that these metallic creations exude a touch of class and elegance that is contemporary and very chic.

Fancy decorating your home with an angels and floral theme?

This is possible with Delux's latest creations. Imagine of angels and flowers adorning your home. Vines and birds as well as other floral and natural themes are among the wrought iron works of today.

Now, colour the typical images of plain black, grey and other monochrome colours with sunburst yellow and orange, ravishing red and vibrant greens.

Do not forget the always in vogue pastel hues of sky blue, pink and much more, Now just imagine these earthly delights in your home, making it quite the visually pleasing paradise,

If you can have your front gate looking both majestic and sturdy, wouldn't you? Or why should window railings be plain? Why not let them exude a creative touch with weaving jungle and leafy innuendoes?

The best part about Delux's wrought iron creations is that you can always explore your inspirations to their fullest.

Delux's friendly in-house design consultants would be happy to assist you to create the look you've always wanted at affordable budgets too.

The immaculate design works on display at Delux Bukit Tinggi is a presentation of where pedigree meets practicality. Where form meets functionality, style meets substance and the delightful results are works of art that truly enhance the home.

You can bask in the glory of a proud. looking home or if you prefer, enjoy the inner satisfaction discreetly. What is a
home if it doesn't command the image of respect and pedigree?

According to Feng Shui, wrought iron is considered to be good for your home and family.

Feng Shui regards iron as a metal element that attracts and circulates chi (positive energy) and creativity within the home. This may be one reason the rich and famous have majestic wrought iron gates and intricately carved grilles throughout their homes.

Of course, there is the protection factor too.

With security a foremost concern for you and many others, you won't go wrong with wrought iron. For instance, Delux's Decorative Security frame for windows combines anti-sawing and anti-drilling features'to make your windows much more secure, it comes with ;12-month workmanship warranty for added peace of mind.

Before you decide anything, check ou the treasures awaiting you. Come on down to Delux Bukit Tinggi or any of its showrooms in the Klang Valley. You will see why Delux's products are the top choice among thousands of Malaysian homes, especially their wrought iron selections.

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