Sunday, September 21, 2014

Keep up the energy with solar water heater system

Solarmate has been a household name in Malaysia for manufacturing solar Water heaters for more than a quarter century.

With a company history that _goes back '30 years, SolarMate offers its customers a heritage they can trust in terms of service, quality and customer satisfaction.

SolarMate’s track record ensures its cutting-edge products are tailored to customers' needs, while giving them access to a leading and reliable narne in solar water heating.

As the first company in Malaysia to manufacture solar water heaters, SolarMate has been a leader with its innovative technologies.

The company has dedicated its time and resources to develop and cement its capability in providing a range of state-of-the-art solar Water heaters.

lts longevity in the market has also given SolarMate insight into customer needs and an unrivalled understanding of its products.

The companys and maintenance-free products have also allowed its solar Water heating solutions to right in with today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

Solaerlate provides reliable, durable and trouble-free products that will also continue t0 function even in the event of a power failure.

lts products are also cost-effective, allowing customers to save on electricity bills.

With a technology which is completely reliant on solar energy, SolarMate’s water heaters have paved the Way for conserving energy consumption.

Customers benefit from continuous savings with the cost-free use of SolarMate's solar powered water heating productsfas the cost of heating Water for domestic use can make up to 30% of a households energy bill.

SolarMate has also provided environment -friendly products that match the requirements of todays eco-conscious world.

Its commitment to solar energy since its inception has made it a market leader for clean and green products and a pioneer of growing global awareness for a sustainable environment.

SolarMate’s latest suite 0f cutting-edge products include a range of solar thermal panels to ensure customers have the most up-to-date options for their solar Water heating requirements.

SolarMate's solar water heaters have paved the way for conserving energy consumption.

lts new generation solar thermal panels feature better and thicker insulation, the use of tempered glass, EPDM sealings and advanced welding techniques.

These include the recently improved Classic Flat Plate Solar Collector Series, which features a thicker underlay of 30mm highdensity fibreglass insulation for higher heating, textured tempered glass covers for greater durability and EPDM seals, similar to car windscreens, for complete top sealing.

Similar improvements were made to the Ruby Flat Plate Solar Collector Series which

are fortiƱed with 3.2mm low-iron tempered textured glass that makes it stronger and

more durable. SolarMate has also added the Sapphire Blue Flat Plate Solar Collector Series.

This top-of-the-line product includes the latest blue sputter coating technology on an aluminium collector for higher heat absorption on cloudy days and full sheet and tube laser Welding for closer Contact and heat transmission.
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