Sunday, September 21, 2014

10 reason choose the right gate

CS ALLOY Design (M) Sdn Bhd (CSA) is Malaysia’s' leading decorative metal design company. It uses a specialised cutting-edge aluminium technology together with recycled alloy to manufacture excellent' quality gates.

latest innovation is the Ekogate Air, featuring its proprietary AirTrac system, which fully eliminates the need for gate tracks. The following are the 10 benefits the Ekogate Air can offer you:

1. The Ekogate Air is fully made of aluminium. The is guaranteed by Mother Nature to be 100% immune to corrosion. Say goodbye to rusty gates because the Ekogate Air will last until the end of time.

2. Another natural trait of aluminium is its amazing strength to Weight ratio. A lighter weight means the system will operate smoother and need less maintenance.

3. Aluminium is also known to be soft and fragile. To combat this, CSA has spent years of research to per feet a tempered aluminium alloy. The result is aluminium 6005 T6, which is tougher than the common industry standard.

4. Unlike traditional gates, which are hand-painted, the Ekogate Airis powder-coated. Powder coating is automated and creates a hard finish tougher than conventional painting.

5. Thanks to CSA’s proprietary AirTrac system, the Ekogate Air needs neither wheels nor gate tracks.

6. CSA is committed to buy back your gate for 20% of the price you paid if you decide to let it go. This is because aluminium is 100% recyclable. CSA is certified by the Singapore Green Label because each Ekogate Air is made from over 50% recycled material.

7. CSA offers a huge variety 0f design options ranging from classical European-inspired designs to modernistic motifs and even themes inspired by Mother Nature. CSA offers full customisation options as Well.

8. Traditional gates are welded by hand so quality is highly dependant on the Worker’s skill and experience. Leaving nothing to chance, CSA gates are made in an assembly line, according to strict step-by-step guidelines.

9. Ekogate Air owners enjoy lifetime Warranty for rust-free, 10 year warranty for powder coating, as well as extended auto-system lifetime. Owners can have peace of mind with CSA backing these warranties without any charge.

10. The final reason to change your old gate for a shiny new Ekogate Air is a culmination of all of the above. Forget all the headaches a conventional iron gate gives you with (ISHS Ekogate Air.
l Dedicated to delivering the best products and professional services possible, those interested in more details may contact CSA at 1800 883 839.

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