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A dehumidifier protects your home

The Malaysian weather is humid and can cause damage to items that are of value in non air-conditioned rooms such as wood furnishing, leather products, video equipment, books, cameras and musical instruments.

With Firenzzi's compact-sized yet powerful dehumidifier, all your valuables will be kept safe and protected from destructive organisms such as fungus, mould or mildew. It has a humidity absorption coverage of up to 270sq ft. The compact size also provides easy storage and convenience.

Why do I need a dehumidifier?

In the tropical countries like Malaysia, the humidity level is especially high in places such as Genting Highlands, Cameron Highlands and Fraser's Hill. Besides that house, shops near the forests of bungalows with tunnel store rooms require a dehumidifier.

This is because the air is damp and moisture can cause musty smells, odours and even the formation of fungus.

Firenzzi dehumidifier works by extracting excess air moisture from the air indoors and thus prevent damage to your valuables.

Reduce mustiness and mould

If your home feels musty or you are uncomfortable to be in it, of has mould that you can't quite seem to get rid of, it could be that your indoor humidity levels are too high. You can fix these problems and add benefits by using a dehumidifier.

Here's everything you need to know. An overly humid environment will make your home smell musty, and the situation can worsen where you eventually see mould and mildew growing on your ceilling or walls. The upleaseant musty smell can hard to get rid of if the source is not cleared.

A dehumidifier can reduce and eradicate that smell. Firenzz's dehumidifier also takes the moisture out of the air that mould and mildew need for breeding.

Mould and mildew grow in moist areas such as damp basement or the cabinet under your kitchen sink. Mould is reproduced through tiny spores that float through the air. If you are sensitive to mould, breathing in these spores can cause:

  • Nasal stuffiness
  • Eye of skin irritation
  • Sneezing or wheezing

Dust mites, the most common trigger of allergy and asthma symptoms, also thrive in high humidity, They can live in bedding, curtains and rugs, as well as the air in your home. A dehumidifier brings down the level of moisture in your home, making it unfriendly to dust mites and limiting the growth of mould and mildew.

If you suffer from asthma or allergies, a dehumidifier can be essential for you. In fact, dehumidifiers create a healthier home for everyone. This because they create a more comfortable environment temperature wise. The inbuilt filter gets rid of any dust, pollen, mould spores or other contaminants in the air, producing indoor air that is cleaner.

The lower humidity levels created by dehumidifiers also reduce the amount of dust mites in the home as dust mites need a certain humidity level to breed.

Ease Laundry problem

Tired to using the dryer to dry your clothes but it's too wet or damp outside to hang your clothes? Place wet clothes on a  drying rack near the dehumidifier and you'll find that your clothes dry quite quickly indoors.

If fact, your clothes can be dried overnight, no matter how wet it is outside. Best of all, dehumidifiers don't use much power so you won't be running up your bill like you would with a conventional dryer.

Who needs a dehumidifier?

Use dehumidifier if you have allergies or asthma and you live in a humid climate or have signs of moisture in your home:

  • We stains on walls and ceilings
  • A stuffy feeling in a room
  • Rotting wood.
  • Condensation on windows
  • Musty smells
Small and medium business or shops that need to store dry food products such as tea, rice, Wheat or cameras will find a dehumidifier useful.

A 16-liter dehumidifier is ideal for a room size of 150 to 270sq ft. Hower, the rating you want depends on how big and how damp the room is. If allergy symptoms from  moulds and mites bother your family, dehumidifiers can be worth the cost.

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