Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Powerful suction vacuum cleaner

Millions of dust mites, which are invisible to our naked eyes, reside in our homes daily. They can be found on bedding, sofas, curtains and many other places, causing allergic reactions to our skin and affecting our health.

  Even if cleaning is done daily, these invisible mites can still survive by living on mattresses, fabric materials and us. To get rid of them effectively, you need a more innovative cleaning assistant: Karcher Water-Filter Vacuum Cleaner.

  Karcher Water-filter Vacuum Cleaner comes with a combination of High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) and water filter technology to trap up to 99.997o of particles (as small as 0.3 microns). This incIudes harmful particles such as dust mites, bacteria and allergens.

  With this technology, dust and dirt are vacuumed and dissolved in water without the need of a dust bag. You don't have to worry about dust bag replacement and clogging anymore. The water-filter vacuum cleaner provides powerful and consistent suction every time you vacuum your home to eliminate dirt, dust and harmful particles effectively.

  Karcher is the world's leading manufacturer of cleaning equipment. Each Karcher product features precise German engineering and attention to detail, resulting in a quality and reliable machine to meet your cleaning needs.

~ For details, call AOG Marketing for a home demonstration (03-7803 7757 / 016-335 2628 or e-mail Visit them at the Homedec Exhibition from Oct 27~30 2011 at Booth No.2185 and 2186 Hail 2, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre for a demonstration.

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