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Compact pools - fit in small space - home pools

Smartpools International, the world's leading pool and spa specialist, has revolutionised people's
lifestyles and fitness globally. This is done through.its award-winning range of intelligent and space-savvy swimming solutions. They are internationally acclaimed for their innovative design,
aesthetics and functionality. SmartPools has transformed the concept of pools by maximising the swimming experience and eliminating all the usual hassles associated with building and maintaining traditional concrete pools.

  Homeowners often toy with the idea of a luxurious pool within the privacy of their own backyard. However, they are apprehensive about the extensive space requirements and civil works involved.
SmartPools offers you the solution. People no longer need large spaces to own a pool.

  The smallest SmartPool, the Arena Debut, takes up very little space and can be installed ii1 a mere 130 sq ft (12sq m) area. That's equivalent to just one car park bay. And, this space can be virtually anywhere, be it at sit-outs, patios, balconies, garden, terrace, living mom or even in your bathroom. The SmartPools range of products require only a onetime Wat & fill thus conserving the environment and reducing the hassle of frequent refills. It makes SmartPool one of the world's first truly "green" swimming solutions: Home-owners often assume that maintaining a pool is difficult and expensive.

  SmartPools has completely turned that around With a product that is "do-it-yourself' as far as maintenance is concerned, because it's just that simple and easy to do. The entire range of SmartPools is equipped with an advanced auto filtration system that cleans and maintains the SmartPool automatically to a great extent: It keeps the water pure and fresh much like drinking water. All it takes is a mere 10 minutes every 10 days,

  On-site works and installation is a breeze: There is a one-piece, prefabricated pool structure made of Advance Marine Grade Composites (AMGC) that does away with tons of concrete, waterproofing or for that matter, any major civil works. Furthermore, a SmartPool can be installed and commissioned
at your home within a day by the company's team of experts (upon successful site preparation). Above all, the SmartPool is not a conventional static pool. it is powered by a unique, patented technology called LAPS (Laminar Aqua Propulsion System) that generates silent yet smooth currents of river like waves, allowing users to swim at the same spot effortlessly for hours offering them all "Olympic Size" swimming experience in just a few square feet without compromising too much space, money or time.

  During Homedec 2010 it attracted nearly 35,000 visitors to its booth and won the Good Quality and Good Design awards. SmartPools will be participating again at the upcoming Homedec 2011 Exhibition - Part 2, m be held from Oct 27~30 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

  SmartPools International currently offers four different sizes to retail and institutional customers:

  • 5martPools Arena Debut (15'x8'x3.5'), is the smallest pool and a great space saver.
  • SmartPools Arena Plus (20'x9'x4'), also referred to as the "Iron-man dream machine", which has a simple modular installation.
  • SmartPools Ovale (24'x12'x4') takes style to a new level with its curvaceous beauty
  • SmartPools Arena Espace (40'xl 1'x4') offers the best of both worlds - Smart Maintenance but Lavish size.

  Custom sizes are a possible option for institutional clients subjected to minimum order volumes.
  SmartPools also offers solution for existing pool owners who would like to transform their pools into flowing water bodies.

  The SmartPools PowerLap EZ is a plug and play device which converts any existing pool into a SmartPool and can be easily installed without any hacking or damage to the pool.
  "Our biggest competition in 2011 remains to be ourselves - SmartPools had an overwhelmingly successful Homedec 2010, and we are looking forward to breaking that record in 2011," says SmartPools International assistant general manager AJ Meenai. Check them out at Booth No.5568, 5570 and 5572, Hall 5.

  In conjunction with its participation at HomeDec 2011, SmartPools International is currently running a promotion with attractive cash rebates on the entire SmartPools range, limited to
the first 10 confirmed orders.

~ For details on the promotion, call toll-free number 1300 887 474, e-mail or visit Follow them on Facebook (Smartpoolslnternational).

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