Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Saving lives- Nano Coating technology

  Exaltech's appointment this year as the sole agent to distribute Omniyo's products (World's Most Advanced Nano Technology) is proof of its excellent management and marketing capabilities in taking on  an international brand.
  Good health is commonly associated with  sleeping well, eating a well-balanced diet,  exercising regularly and being in a state of  mental and emotional well-being. But our  health also depends on whether we are  exposed to virus, bacteria, mould and other  elements.

 Harmful volatile organic compounds  (VOC) from building materials cause inhabitants to fall sick. In fact, the World Health  Ol-ganization estimates that more than two  million people die each year due to breathing in of tiny particles present in polluted  indoor and outdoor air. The United States
 Environmental Protection Agency (Usepa)  has found high concentrations of VOC indoor  air which is 2-5 times higher compared with  outdoor air.

 Now, with the Omniyo Nano 223, one  can breathe in cleaner air. Omniyo's breakthrough nano coating technology comprises  pure, Ultra small, nann particles of Titanium  dioxide that are colourless and transparent. It  is specially designed as a spray-on coating to  transform a normal surface into a self-sanitising surface.

 The ultra-safe coating requires only visible light as its source of energy to continuously keep coated surfaces clean and safe by  destroying viruses, bacteria, mould and VOC  that come into contact with it  an electrochemical process.

  Omniyo's advanced nano technology  ensures that the coating bonds virtually permanently to surfaces regardless of whether  soft or hard, smooth or rough surfaces.

 The Omniyo Nano 223 is lab-tested by  renowned Japanese universities, international  test labs and field-tested in many hospitals  and commercial buildings with excellent  results.

 Most importantly, the Nano 223 is safe and made with food-grade ingredients of pure TiO2 without the use of any binders and polymers. TiO2 is approved by the Food and Drug Administration. It has been widely used for more than 30 years and is exempted from certification.

  The Nano 223 is effective and recommended for use on floorings, wall coverings, furniture and fittings in:
  ~ Healthcare environments, hospitals, clinics and beauty centres
  ~ Institutions, schools, child care centres and offices
  ~ Public transportation systems
  ~ Hotels, airports and buildings
  ~ Places of worship
  ~ Houses, kitchen cabinets, all bed rooms and living areas
  ~ Research e]wimnment
  ~ Food-related factories and facilities   For all types of materials such as:
  ~ Metals, aluminium and stainless steel
  ~ Plastic and composites
  ~ Glass or ceramics
  ~ Paints and lacquer
  ~ Textile and leather
  ~ Wood and composite
  ~ Concrete, marble, granite and composite

  The Nano 223 is best applied on new products and surfaces to prevent Biofilm* buildups that may harbour disease-causing bacteria. For used or in-used products, thorough cleaning and repeat application of the Nano 223 is recommended to ensure direct bonding to substrate to avoid any superficial bonding to dirt or dust.

  The Omniyo Nan~ 223 is perfect for use on:
  ~ Desks, chairs, sofa, doors, cabinets, sanitaryware, light fittings
  ~ Equipment, toys, playhouse, car interior, air-conditioners and fans
  ~ Uniforms, curtains, bags

  Public areas where there are high contact
points such as:
  ~ Hand es, knobs, armrests and handrails
  ~ Keyboards, keypads, lift buttons and mobiIe phones
  ~ Seats

  Visit Exaltech's booth at Homedec and be amazed at how easy it is to transform every product/surface into one that helps fight virus, bacteria, mould and VOC gases with a simple coating of the Nano 223.

  Bring along small items such as a handbag, school bag, toy or baby stroller and Exaltech will do'a free live demonstration of coating for you, The Nan~ 223 is priced at RM159 for a 170g spray can. It is also bottled for commercial coating~se with a specially developed Electro-Sprayer. There will be a soft launch of the product at Homedec and there will be a promorional/special offer for the product.

~ Exaltech will be at booth 1151 and 1152, Hall I in Homedec. For details or dealer enquiries call 016-550 3881 or call Omniyo at 03-7957 5000.

  *A biofilm is a thin layer of food and bacteria that have built up on surfaces. Biofilm is an accumulation of inorganic and organic materials that can attach to most surfaces.

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