Sunday, October 30, 2011

Beautiful ponds - Biosys and Proficlear filter systems

OASE Filter systems will help you build a habitat for fish, amphibians, and other wildlife at home. These features not just beautify your home, it also provides you a great place to unwind.

Garden ponds are biologically-active habitats for flora and fauna. They are subject to constant change due to weather changes and environmental conditions. However, garden ponds are limited in theft capability to regulate their biological balance on their own. OASE filter systems play a significant role in this regard.

OASE ofters flow-through and pressure filter systems that can be installed quickly and easily. Both work perfectly to mechanically filter suspended substances and decompose biological nutrients. Microorganisms that settle in the filter systems take over these important tasks to ensure good water quality.

The benefits of OASE filter systems are evident at first glance - the water is clean and clear. Green algae do not have a chance and flora and fauna thrive splendidly.

Koi pond
However there is one important prerequisite - the performance of the fitter system must be matched to pond size and fish stock.

Glomedic Industries Sdn Bhd, the exclusive importer of OASE water garden products for Malaysia and Singapore is your pond specialist.

With the company's years of experience and in-depth product knowledge~ you will be better served with specific information and can be sure that you're making the right choice for your filter system.

OASE Filter pump, UVC clarified and the filter itself comprise a flow-through or pressure filter system as a unit. You will be recommended optimal combinations based on pond size and fish stock, and you also get a clear water guarantee.

When selecting your filter system, choose a strong system that is perfectly matched.

OASE has first class systems that can ensure clear, healthy water for your fishes every day. In this regard it doesn't matter what size your pond is, or whether you have goldfish or koi - OASE filter systems satisfy all requirements.

They even displace heavily polluted pond water easily, transforming it into sustainably clear ponds with perfect water quality. Here the pond water is thoroughly filtered and excess nutrients are broken down biologically.

Let your filter system run continuously. Do not switch it off even for short_ periods. Microorganisms that live by removing nutrients from the pond water require a constant flow of water. You should biologically activate your filter system with OASE starter bacteria at initial start-up. Pond enthusiasts who implement a new generation Aquamax pump to feed a filter system can also operate an in-pond skimmer via the second inlet connection to keep the water surface clean.

Give your pond an extra fresh experience and install one of OASE's Aqua-Oxy pond aerators, Bubbling oxygen gives the inhabit- ants of the underwater world oxygen. With a 12-volt power supply, it is safe, convenient to handle and provides individual control.

~ For details, visit Clomedic Industries Sdn Bhd at E-07-06, Plaza Mont' Kiara, KualaLumpur or call 03-6201 2328, e-mail oase@ glomedic, or visit Glomedic is open from Mon to Fri, 9am-5.30pm and Sat, 9am-1pm. Check out Glomedie's products at Homedec KL 2011, Part 2, Hall 5, Booths 5565 and 5567.

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