Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fuss-free pool - Hydro one fiberglass swimming pool

Want a swimming pool that is leak- age- and hassle-free, lasts for life and does not require structural repair? That you can with the Hydro One Fiberglass Swimming Pool that is prefabricated in a one-piece structure.

Fiberglass swimming pools are not new. They have been widely produced since the 1950s and are preferred in Europe and Australia. The concept of fiberglass pools came from the revolution of the fiberglass boat industry.

High quality fibreglass pools, boats and yachts share a common manufacturing technique, using the same fibreglass material. Over the past decades, specialised materials have been formulated for permanent under- water use in boats and swimming pools, allowing pool owners to be free from the bur- den of resurfacing or relining pool surfaces.

Hydro One Fiberglass Swimming Pools are put through a series of stringent and state-of-the-art fabrication process. Using a one-piece mould, waterproof high grade gel coat (imported from Australia) is used in the production.

The pool structure undergoes three layers of polishing and anti-scratch treatments to produce a smooth, glossy and glittering surface.

Hydro One Fiberglass Swimming P0ol can be installed on site and be ready to operate within five to seven days. The scope of work includes excavation, soil compacting, delivery, cranage, unloading, positioning and pool deck casting.

The Hydro One Fiberglass Swimming Pool is better than conventional pools because there is minimum human error in construction and fast installation lead time. It is a leak- age-free structure which is easy to maintain.

Algae tends to grow within the gaps of the tiles in a concrete pool. Scrubbing using an algae brush is required and even acid is used to dean the pool surface. Fibreglass swimming pools are devoid of any such maintenance hassles because of its one-piece surface. In fact, the structure comes with a 10-year-warranty against leakage.

Hydro One Fiberglass Swimming Pool is also equipped with an LED Underwater Light and an aluminum-made Pump House that contains Sand Filters, Pool Pump and Control Panel with remote control.

Fol' further recreation, the pool also comes with Jacuzzi spa seats (for model Maldives and Caribbean) built-in in the pool.

You can also choose to upgrade your pool with the cross
Hydro One Fiberglass Swimming Pool is now available in six models with different design and sizes. The models are:

~ Redang - 8 (W) x 13 (L) x 4ft (D)
~ Bali - 8 x 25 x 4t'L
~ Phuket - 10 x 20 x 4ft
~ Ibiza - 10 x 26 x 4ft
~ Maldives -13 x 26 x 4ft
~ Carribean -13 x 38 x 4ft

Customers have up to 40 colour schemes to choose from. Space constraint should not be the main concern anymore as some pool models can even be installed in the gardens of semi-detached houses.

The company also provides custom-made pool shape designs and sizes.

~ Visit Hydro One Marketing Sdn Bhd at Homedec Part 2, booth no. 5596 ~ 5601 to view a Hydro One Fiberglass Swimming Pool. Call 03-6092 0120 or SMS 012-369 9012 for obligation-free site surveys or consultation.

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