Sunday, October 30, 2011

Honeywell HEPA air purifiers improves air quality

HESE days, when we open the windows, instead of letting ill fresh air we let in air contaminants. People are unaware that microscopic particles in the air like dust, germs, mould spores and pet dander will remain in our homes for a long time due to poor ventilation and become a serious threat to our health especially to young cbildmn.

Moisture in humid climates can lead to the development of various dangerous bacteria, viruses and mould spores. Also, smokers puff out 4,000 different toxins into the air with- out realising its side effects. Even household chemical cleaning products can contaminate the air we breathe. These harmful airborne contaminants do not discriminate and can cause - in the short term headaches, irri- tated eyes and sore throats. In the long term, they could aggravate the sinus, cause other health conditions such as asthma, skin aller- gies and lung infections.

lndc~or air purifiers can make a dramatic improvement to the quality of air in your home, but not all air purifiers are equal in quality. Honeywell high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) air purifiers are the best choice for reducing these unwanted guests in our homes. In fact, more doctors recommend Honeywell air purifiers to their patients than any other brand.* Honeywell is an established manufacturer of aerospace, military trans- portation and jet engines. Jet engines and air purifiers seem worlds apart, but they both utflise the same superior turbo technology that has become Honeywell International's area of expertise. The same turbo technology that wins wars is also used to battle airborne contaminants; and it gives Honeywell A/ir Purifiers the edge over other air purifiers. That advantage is suction and air flow cleam ing power.

Naturally, the mom powerful the airflow, the better the chance of cleaning the air. Honeywell Cyclonic Turbo Air Purifiers use a swirling cyclone-like effect and powerful turbo technology to pull in more dirty air every time. This highly efficient technology draws in air from every corner of the room and even from floor to ceiling. Once the air is pulled in, contaminants are trapped within Honeywefl's 360 heavily pleated round HEPA filter.

For extra trapping capabilities, Honeywell designs round HEPA filters with double the materials of a standard HEPA filters. Unlike standard flat panel air filters, air that circu- lates through Honeywell 360 degrees HEPA filters are subjected to multiple capturing opportunities.

In short, its reduces particle count in your home faster and more effectively. Honeywell air purifiers are medically graded and have been recommended by the American Lung Association and various medical publications in the United States. With its performance first concept, it is the best selling air purifier and most recommended by doctors* in the United States till today. Its performance val- ues are not just on paper, but trusted by over five million buildings including hospitals and 100 millions homes worldwide. As humans, we cannot control the air quality outside but we can improve the quality of air we breathe indoors. Honeywell should be a pact of your home or office. Visit Honeywell at Homedec from October 27 to 30 at Booth 1003, 1004, 1005 and 1006 Hall I at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre for exclusive promotions. ~ For details, contact them at 1300 889 898 or visit wwc2. mormarks, com. *AQS physicians survey, November 2005

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