Sunday, September 21, 2014

Durable, lucury flooring

Not sure if it is time to change your floor covering? Can you relate to any of these scenarios?
  • Your yellowing and chip-edged tiles stick out like a sore thumb.
  • Your children keep tripping over the chipped edges of the tiles.
  • Your family members have slipped and fallen because of the tile surface.
  • The loose pieces of your parquet flooring get stuck to the sole of your shoe each time you step on them.

If any of these scenarios Cause you a headache, it is time to change your flooring, especially for the benefit of your loved ones.

There are many alternatives to boring tiles, dirt-collecting carpets and old parquet flooring.

A splendid and functional option would be lnovar Floor’s timber laminate flooring range.

Unlike conventional hardwood floors, which are exorbitantly priced and contribute to deforestation, lnovar Floor is an affordable luxury that has the comfort 0f your family in mind while being eco-friendly.

How are timber laminate floors equated to luxury, comfort and practicality? Your home is a direct reflection of your style and preferences.

Therefore, a beautiful and durable timber laminate floor covering not only helps to define your lifestyle, it also enhances the ambience of your herne and delivers a pleasant environment.

Ever Watched a Hollywood movie and envied the interiors of luxurious mansions, especially their warm, elegant wood flooring?

Well, now you can install Inovar floor in your home and enjoy the same luxurious setting every day.

Besides its visual appeal, it feels wonderful compared to the cold, uncomfortable sensation of a tiled floor.

You may Inovar Floor, being wood­ based, is practical or durable enough to be used in Asian homes, especially in our hot and humid weather.

The fact is that Inovar Floor is manufactured from tropical hard Wood fibres, which make it strong and durable. Due to the quality of the hardwood fibres used, lnovar Floor is able to provide a good level of water resistance.

When deciding on the best brand in timber laminate flooring, keep an eye out for the ones with superior Water-resistant qualities such as lnovar Floor to avoid any hassle which may arise in the future.

Cleaning Inovar Floor is easier than cleaning other types of floor covering.

Good timber laminate flooring such as Inovar Floor has a completely sealed surface, which prevents dust and dirt from clinging 0n t0 the surface or penetrating into the flooring.

Due to its non-porous surface, cleaning is hassle-free and does not require expensive floor detergents that often contain hazardous chemicals. I

This makes Inovar Floor more hygienic, easy t0 maintain and allergy-friendly. If there are children in the house, it i5 best to keep them away from any carpets that trap dirt and dust. This can affect their health and the health 0f others who may be suffering from allergies.

With lnovar Floor installed in your home, you only need a regular mop and a pail of water to do the job. Cleaning lnovar Floor with a well-wrong mop will give you a floor that feels as goed as new, every time.

There is also the danger of constant exposure to formaldehyde emission related to furniture and wood products.

As much as possible, only use products with safe formaldehyde emission levels. lnovar Floor constantly ensures its timber laminate flooring is safe for your family.

Inovar Floor is recognised as an eco-friendly product and has been certified by the Singapore Environment Council to use the Green Label, so you can rest assured that your family’s health family is uncompromised,

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