Sunday, September 21, 2014

Cleaning made easy with robotic vacuum

Since the first generation of home robots were made popular in United States 12 years ago, not much advancement has taken place to solve the common issues of uneven cleaning and a slow cleaning process due to their practically random movement.

It was not until 2006 that Neato was born out of Stanford’s Entrepreneur’s Challenge by joe Augenbraun,jB Gomez and Linda Hirschhorn, with a vision that home robots Should perform household chores as intelligently as humans.

After years of hard Work and ingenuity, the home robot-focused Neato Robotics, Inc finally came up With a revolutionary Neato XV robotic vacuum that cleans homes with ground breaking laser-guiding technology and vacuuming suction as strong as some manual vacuum cleaners.

It scans and maps the room, plans and methodically vacuums dirt, crumbs and dust bunnies from all floor types and every corner of your home.

Despite countless awards and accolades, including the title of King of The Robotic Vacuums by Digital Trends in September 2013, Neato has never stopped working to continuously improve its user experience.

In May this year, a new series of the much-anticipated Neato Botvac robotic vacuum was launched in the United States to tremendous demand.

Corvan, the sole distributor for Malaysia and Thailand, is rolling out the official version of the highest spec Botvac 85 in Malaysia this month, much to the delight if its loyal customers.

The redesigned Botvac comes with a Wider coverage, higher efficiency, lower noise level, more consistent suction power and most importantly, improved reliability.

It is also more stylish in brilliant white t0 blend easily with any interior.

Reuters Called it, “The most intelligent, strongest and stylish robotic vacuum available anywhere!"

BotVision, the patented space age technology used in robotic vehicles, enables the robot to move in an orderly, calculated manner. Complemented by an enhanced battery management system, Botvac is able t0 clean more than double the floor size of its closest competitor within half the amount of time -saving twice as much electricity.

The enlarged dust box and super-sized HEPA filter, on the other hand, allow more consistent suction, helping to save more time by reducing the frequency of cleanlng.

The new magnetic side brush helps clean the edge of Walls and deeper into corners.

In conjunction with the rollout of the new Botvac 85, roadshows will be held in Bangsar Shopping Centre from Sept 4 to 14 (10am to 10pm) and its Signature Store in Damansara Utama from Sept 4 to 13 (103m to 7pm).

For those who wish to test out the new Botvac before purchase, check out Corvan’s “Test-To-Buy" programme.

“This of its kind Test-To-Buy programme in Malaysia demonstrates our confidence in the new Botvac,” said Corvan general manager Kevin Lee.

“There are many consumers who are confused after reading and listening to various sales talks and third-party comments. Whether they have used other robotic vacuums or not, it is most direct and effective to use a Botvac for an entire week so they can make the right decision."Call Corvan at 03-7728 8166 or its authorised dealers listed on its website for details.

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